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DBS Marina Regatta 2018

This is my third year attending DBS Regatta and I’m impressed by how the people behind it made it bigger and better by the year.

Walking over from Marina Bay Sands, you’ll find tents being set up to hold the dragon boaters. Dragon boating is a big thing for DBS Regatta. The purpose of hosting it in the heart of CBD was to create and bring fun to this part of Singapore. What could be a better way to Singapore Biggest battle bay than hosting dragon boat race?

DBS Creators Market

After entering the Regatta, it’s hard to miss the DBS Creators Market where I got to indulge in guilt-free and socially conscious shopping from over 20 social enterprises who are supported by DBS Foundation for a good social cause.

One of the stall that caught my attention was on Hua Wei P20 Pro and I knew I had to give it a try. To be honest, I’m very impressed by the Leica Triple camera and I have to say, the images taken by it is better than my iPhone. Do remember to check it out at Hua Wei shops, I’m sure it’ll give you a new expectation on smart phone’s camera.

In this year’s Regatta, they added in workshop and I signed up for the Acai workshop taught by Poppy & Co. I’m a lover of Acai bowl but I never knew exactly the origin or preparation steps. After this workshop, I can proudly say I know more about Acai and I can prepare a bowl of Acai bowl at home!

Our national superstar, Joseph Schooling run a workshop too! He taught the participants how to do Kimchi sandwich. I’m sure they enjoyed the learning and his sharing!

Battle Bay Extreme

If you are someone who is up for physical challenge, Battle Bay Extreme is the thing for you. This year, they had both land and water obstacle course where you had to push your physical limits and conquer all the stations.

While encouraging people to have fun, DBS did not forget to do good too. The registration fee for this Battle Bay Extreme will be donated to Thye Hua Kwan Moral Charities in support of the adoption of innovative digital solutions for the aging population. To celebrate their 50th anniversary, DBS also pledged to match the registrations proceed with a $50,000. Thank you DBS for always thinking about those in need!

Buskers by the Bay

More than just supporting the seniors, DBS created a platform for buskers to reach out to a wider crowd in this Regatta. This is in lined with their belief of “Live More, Bank Less” which encourages people to live their dreams and seize every opportunity that comes their way.

In a DBS Style, for every performance, DBS will donate $500 with a cap of $25,000.00 which will go into the funds to prepare and train students at Pathlight and Autism Resource Center to enable them to dream and have the equal opportunity as others too.

Apart from the main event, they introduced Bay Passport where public has to complete certain task at the Regatta to earn stamps to take part in lucky draws. I love the generous prizes success a Porsche Design Huawei Mate 10, scoot flight tickets to Berlin, Maldives and Kuching and many other items too. We had a fun time participating in the workshop, completing the task, checking out latest gadgets and watching people pushing their limit at the Battle Bay Extreme.

I know DBS Regatta 2018 is just over but I’m looking forward to Regatta 2019 and the surprises that it’ll give! If you missed this year’s Regatta, be sure to head down for the one next year.

*Some images are credited to DBS bank

To find out more about what has happened in Regatta 2018, you may check out the videos here as well:

Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four

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