How I feel about having to head back to work after 5 days of break even thou I love my job a lot.

Can I add that the distance from my new home to work ain’t helping?

I’ll need to take a bus out(6-7 stops), take the train for 5 stops, change to another train line and take for another 6 stops, alight and take the bus for another 3 stops.

Anyone facing such tedious journey to work?

All my previous companies that I’ve worked in are accessible by train and it’ll just be a straight 10-12 stops.

My mom’s place is beside the MRT station and I miss that location and the convenience of it.

The problem is I love my job too much to change despite the long journey and time taken to travel.

In the past, I’ll make it a point to find a work that does not require more than an hour of traveling. Singapore is so small, from where I stay, it takes less than an hour to travel to the west or east.

But this job, I love it too much to take traveling into consideration.

Which leads me to the next problem.

Should I start to drive?

We don’t own a car because I don’t like driving at all even thou I’ve gotten my license for about a year.

The driving that I experienced during Penang last year was so stressful and I’m thankful that bigman is beside me. When I did the (super annoying and tough) parallel parking at road side, he’s so encouraging and patient with me. At certain places, he had to step out of the car, stop the other vehicles for 10-20 seconds for me to reverse and turn in.

And yes, I’m a timid drive on road 😢.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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I’m heading out for some Me time, to eat dinner and shop alone.

Bigman won’t be home so early and I don’t want to be home alone. Feels weird to be at the new place alone. I think I need to spend more time to get use to the new place.

Wearing #Hollyhoque dress for today!! New clothing makes me happy especially when it’s a Babydoll fuss free dress.

I wanted to eat Poke Lulu but entertainerapp requires 1-for-1 and I’m all alone.

My friends who saw what I posted on IG story purposely texted me to laugh at my me time.

I ended up at Genki sushi eating their salmon Mentaiko sushi.

Can someone explain to me who do they use Hello Kitty plates and all my food was served on Hello Kitty plates.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Went to #Hollyhoque and tried this. Wearing S and it’s quite loose on me but I love the high low ruffled hem. Material is quite good for this and when you walk, the hem will float along.

Regretted not bagging this home now 🙈. I was asking myself just now do I really need another dress.

I tried to take the feeder bus home at this hour and it’s equally packed as compared to Peak hour.

My colleague has been trying to tell me that I need a car because of how ulu my new home is. I guess sooner or later I’ll be psycho-ed that I need to gather enough courage to drive.

Went to #Oursecondnature #OSN located at Tangs to see if there’s anything nice available.

Tried on this dress and M is too loose for me, there’s no more S available. As usual, OSN material is good but I don’t think I’ll bear to spend $89 on a plain dress. Don’t see myself wearing it more than once or twice?

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