So glad that there’s 2 new HK drama to watch.


I think this was being filmed 2 years ago and they are realizing it now? There’s quite a few big cast in this drama. I’ve finished episode one and two and so far, I think it’s not that bad. Drama pace is quite fast and I enjoyed it.

Watch Out, Boss.

This drama is about office politics and it’s quite a funny and light show too!

Wearing #hollyhoque for today!

Momma did a doggie yusheng for us.

#dayrefatties #dayrefoodie

It’s time for our annual family photo with Kor’s little tribe!

My baby A is a grown up handsome boy now. I still find it unbelievable that he’s the tiny baby that I’ve carried since Day One.

My crazy family!


With my favourite boys, nothing can replace their place in my heart.

Our true self

This little one insisted of photo bombing us, no way we can say NO to him.

With my bigman.

Photo bomber having fun!

He’s so happy.

The best sil ever.

My 2 cheeky boys!

In the evening, changed into this #Thetinselrack floral romper for dinner with bigman.,

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