We celebrated our 11th vday at our home. Gotten him this painting, <There is a Love called Superman>.

He’s like my Superman, just that he’s always there even in times when I have no need.

We don’t believe in spending 💸💸 for expensive meal during the day itself.

So he cooked wagyu beef, mushroom and lobster bisque, all my favourite. I think I’ll always remember this first valentine’s day that we spend at our home.

I did my first flash sales too and I’m happy that I managed to clear so many items via my IG story. Going to do a few rounds when I’m free.

Posting those that are still available!



From Fashmob too

#thetinselrack going at $15, worn once, M.


From Zara too!

I managed to clear 10 items in the short span yesterday but I came home and bigman reminded me I have a pile of Brand New items still.

I guess with the shift, it makes me realized how much clothing I have & it’s quite scary.

Bringing out the parcels to be mailed out.

Felt so tempted to grab but decided that I should take public transport instead.

Ended up I forgot to bring the angbao that we need to give out tonight. So I’m grabbing home to take before grabbing to town.

Wasted my effort, sigh my tiny brain….

Glad that I made it to town after so much boo-boo. I can’t believe my grab driver got lost in my estate for 20mins!!

Anyway, shopping for bigman’s CNY clothing. I love this wife’s duty a lot by shifting house made me push this aside. Thank God I still managed to get clothing in time for him.

Choosing colors to match my outfit for CNY.

#Hollyhoque Cassidy Denim Midi Dress, M.

The cutting for this dress is slightly small. I tried S previously and it’s too snug for me at PTP. I’m so happy to spot a M. Tried it on and it’s just nice. Last piece in M and I knew I had to bag this home.


I love the dress but the cut in of the sleeve amplifies my fat arm. The Babydoll cutting is very nice too but perhaps not in sunshine for me. The tiered hem is very nice too!


This powder rose is such a sweet color that it caught my attention when I walked into the store. The puff sleeves are loved and they hid my fat arms. S is loose but I guess that’s Babydoll cutting which I love a lot.

What I worn for today, perfect dress from #Theclosetlover to hide the exploding stomach from the 3 reunion meals that I had.

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