1.0 because we are shifting in today even thou the walk in wardrobe is not done and there’s many items that’s lacking.,

I think I’ve shared this before, this is the view you get from our home entrance.

#dayrehome #dayrehomes #dayrereno

I’m very in love with my living room and I’m glad it gives the vibe that I wanted.

I set up the television yesterday’s afternoon and find that my tv console is too empty.

After my Ikea trip, I went back home to bring my painting and cotton plant over.

I did this UP painting 2 years ago with the intention to put it in my new home. It feels so surreal to see that vision come to past. I admire the love of the grandpa and grandma in the movie. Bigman and I do argue and quarrel but everyday, we are learning to work towards that kind of love.

I can’t wait to slowly do up the home.

Bigman is back from work!

I wanted to buy a blanket for my sofa but couldn’t decide on dark green or light grey. Posted it on IG and the result ain’t helping so far.

Head over to my IG story to tell me which one u think is better!!

We look like we are traveling with our 2 luggages.

A lot of friends have offered to drive us for shifting but we decided that’ll be too troublesome. So we have been shifting with luggages and taking Grab/Uber.

Hello, I’m on #Stellar too! Looks clean but it’s more of a lookbook or photography platform.

Master bedroom is ready, my king size bed looks so tiny with my Eeyore empire.

Mini vanity area is up!

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