My mood for today on #weblogit is in purple haha!

Anyway, I don’t really like the app 😿.

Firstly, there isn’t any hashtag function, how do I stalk reviews??

Secondly, it’s too colorful for me to take..

Thanks for following me at WeBlogIt and but I think I won’t be there for too long.

Do follow me on IG if you still want to read my updates or reviews. I guess the other best alternative is to use my IG story to do up reviews and random updates.

I’m still not comfortable with sharing personal stuff on my IG story but I won’t have other alternative?

Save Dayre by signing the petition: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/save-dayre

To be honest, I really don’t mind paying for a micro blogging platform like this.

I hope @blog is hearing our voice. It’ll be very very disappointing and upset if we get 3,000 signatures but this place is still closing down.

I do have a #wordpress account but to me, this account is more for “proper” blogging. I’m paying for my own domain name and I’ll only update once in a long while or if there’s paid advert that I feel is worth my effort, I’ll update and share it there.

If not, most of the time, it’s there to store certain memories and grow spiderweb.

My domain name is amandalingg, which is the first username that I’ve used on IG too.

Seems like #weblogit has heard our voice.

But still, I just want Dayre to be on-going.

Updating my IG story more because weblogit is not that friendly while WordPress is too formal for random updates.

Bigman is not around today so I decided to be superwoman.

Packing my clothing.



Loving the wireless portable fan & my wooden fan.

#dayrehome #dayrehomes #dayrereno

Television set up too!

I didn’t realized that my cordless portable fan is from xiaoMI. Initially, I thought Bigman bought it from some brand less website or place.

Until I received a few DMs asking me where we got the fan from. Like seriously, my house has been googled & mi-fied with all these items that he purchased.

Posted some shopping review of #Theeditorsmarket #tem on my #weblogit and my IG story(same handle as my Dayre). Thinking if I should post them here.

I was supposed to head to Ikea to grab stuff but I was distracted and ended up shopping and buying.

Yay to an entry per day.

And yes to all these. Those who have signed up weblogit but gave up because of the interface and all, give it another try okie?

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