Created this a minute ago on #weblogit, I was telling @wang_hx that the girls will be very resourceful to find an alternative and here we go. I don’t mind giving it a try since it’s quite user friendly.

But I’m still very sad that Dayre is closing even thou I’m only here for 1-2 years. I hope weblogit will be another dayre where I can continue to stalk fashion, beauty and even travel post.

A very simple tutorial on how to use #weblogit

Click on the purple “ to begin your post.

Select text/image/video/YouTube.

Once you have selected text/image, you can add more stuff into your post. Look for this 4 color option at the lower right hand to add on.

This is how my profile look in my home page.

And this is how other user(@wang_hx) account looks like.

You can’t tell how many people are following you but you can see how many people viewed your post.

And she’s so fast at editing her profile!!

Alternatively, you girls may find me on my IG: mandalogy21.

I’m quite active on my IG story too.

Meanwhile, see you girls over at #weblogit.

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