Hello! It’s still me and my nightmare story on Excel HW company.

It’s Wednesday and nothing has been done, no dates given even after Bigman gave a good one to my ID yesterday.

I think the hope to shift in before CNY might not happen. I understand that factories are closing and workers are heading back to Malaysia. But sigh, I’ve given them 2 weeks to rectify the issue but till now, nothing has been done.

#dayrereno #dayrehome #dayrehomes

And this makes me regret my choice of using Excel to build pole system. I should have just stick to wardrobe with my ID.

If I were to stick to the wardrobe, I might have shift in by now because the whole house was done up on last week of Jan.

Oh wells, no point thinking about the “IF”.

And at times their standard and quality made me question myself. Am I being too strict? Am I being too “perfectionist”? Will anybody accept quality as such?

Will people be fine and accept quality like this from Excel? Or since we are the ones who chose for black, we have to accept things like this because it’ll happen “sooner or later”?

Or should I just close both eyes and put something to cover up so that I don’t get to see?

Or even the way they use markers to touch up, I should accept it since I’m disturbed by the chipped off wood and color.

Sometimes the way they responded to our ID & ya make me feel so tired of fighting for my rights and they make me felt as thou I’m being too picky and unreasonable.

I was feeling very down yesterday after the trip to the house on Monday. Worn my #Lovebonito top to add some brightness to my day.

On to happier stuff, I guess no point dwelling on it. I’m glad to be spending CNY at my mom’s place still if needed.

Received this #DearDahlia makeup c/o #Airfrov.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup #sp

Look at the beautiful packaging!!

Took urgent leave to settle the walk in wardrobe today.

At least the manager who came down today seem apologetic even thou he told me I’m the first to encounter the cigarette mark incident and this bad quality wood incident. Let’s see if miracle will happen tmr.

#TheTinselRack Floral Dress, M.

I tried the S and it was too tight for me to zip up at the PTP. M fits well even thou it’s slight snug at PTP. The cutting of this dress is very flattering and it’s very flowy too. Length wise it’s slightly short for me. The only issue I have with this dress is that it’s too low cut for me. Oh, Dress is lined so it’s not sheer at all.

#Theclosetlover Liani Colorblock Midi Dress, S.

Colorblock dresses are fuss free and prefect for lazy day. This makes a great work dress too, especially on days when I’m feeling blue but need that bit of sunshine. S is loose but I love the loose fit of this dress.

Gile Colorblock Midi Dress, M.

M is very loose on me but there’s no more S in-store for me to try. I love the cutting and length of this dress but the color is a little dull. I don’t think I can carry off this shade of blush.

#Hollyhoque Vee Babydoll Dress, S.

I love this latest launch from HH, it’s in minimalist and solid colors, my favourite.

Instead of the usual round neck, this babydoll Dress is in a v-neck that’s not too low or revealing. The flare babydoll cutting of this dress is very flattering and it doesn’t make me look pregnant at all. Bagged this home with me because I can’t resist babydoll.

Fawn Mini Ruche Dress, M.

There’s only M available for mustard and I tried it on to see how it looks on me. The mini ruches are adorable and added a different feel for this dress. M is too oversized and I don’t think I can carry this shade of color on me.

Tried this in Emerald, S.

S fits better and I love the emerald shade. Length wise, it’s slightly short but I think I can wear it for work on days when I don’t have teaching. Bagged this home too!

Avis Bow denim dress, S.

The cutting for this dress is very flattering and I’m totally in love with this. The only problem is that S is very snug for me at PTP, I can zip up but I can’t breathe. The bow at the shoulder part is very adorable too! And the hems, I love it when dress has details like this.

Windser Peplum Midi Dress, S.

Don’t really like the cutting of this dress, prefer it to be more loose!!

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