Hello Monday!

Our weekend was spent over our home!

I’m excited to announce, we are 6 days away before moving in to our crib officially.

My customized mirror and shelves are up. I didn’t expect the mirror to be so narrow. I guess I’ll need another standing mirror in my living room.

The wood top for my console has been changed too. With this change, my living room looks more complete now.

#jklhome #dayrereno #dayrehome #dayrehomes

Glass backing has arrive too! Blends in well with the quartz. I didn’t know Bigman chose the black glass.

It acts as a mirror too!!

A reminder for #Lovebonito sales too.

Worn this #Oursecondnature #OSN dress out over the weekend. I’m so in love with the material and simplicity prints of it.

I hope I’ll be able to cart something from the launch tonight, heard a lot about the laggy website.

Worn #Theclosetlover dress out too. Love this ruffled dress a lot, great for fuss free weekend when I have no idea what I want to wear.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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I’m feeling so disappointed that I might not be able to shift in on time because of POLE SYSTEM.

It was “supposed” to be the most exciting part of the house but now, it has became a nightmare and giving me additional stress.

Let’s not talk about cigarette mark and burn because there’s no evidence and I don’t want to assume.

Let’s talk about quality here and in case you wonder, 80% of my wooden plank has this very big defect that I can’t close my eyes on. And in case you wonder, the 20% are those at the top which can’t be seen by my eye level so I gave up checking them.

I know it’s impossible to get “prefect” workmanship but I think my ID’s workers have set the standard very high for us. I guess I can close an eye if the defect is not so obvious but this kind of defects, I can spot it even after standing from a distance away.

And look at how they patch up? Can I mention that the marker that they used actually run?

And the respond that EXCEL HW SG gave was that his batch of wood that they imported are not good.

Sorry but NO, I don’t buy this theory. It’s your problem that this batch of wood is not good. I don’t have to bear the consequence of your bad materials.

They were supposed to come on Saturday but nobody turn up. They came today with some markers and expect me to say yes to such a patching standard.

And yes, because of them, I’m unable to move in according to schedule. It’s a tight dateline and stressful period for me and this nightmare has to happen.

Am I being to difficult or I have my rights as a consumer to get quality stuff……

We have spoke to our ID and I do pity him, he’s a really nice ID and I know it’s not his fault that Excel did such a bad workmanship.

But we make it straight to him that we are withholding the 50% of the pole system price, if after the changes are done on Wednesday and it’s still such quality, I don’t think I want to pay.

And mind you, ours was a minimalist simple pole with just boards and we are paying a few thousands for it. There isn’t any mirror or drawers to begin with.

Our simple pole system.

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