#Lovebonito Senlov Printed Boxy Top, S.

I carted this top without much expectation but it turns out to be so pretty. Material is good and this top is lined so it’s not sheer at all. The floral prints of this top is so pretty and I guess I’m learning to appreciate floral prints even more.

S fits with allowance but I think this makes a great work top too. I wanted to keep it for CNY but I don’t think I can resist wearing it today.

#Fashmob MARCEL MAXI, S.

The cutting for this dress is very flattering, I love the kimono sleeves and the cut in at the waist. I love the maxi length for the dress too. S fits with slight allowance. I love the prints but Bigman thinks it doesn’t suit me.

Should I keep or return for this?

It’s beginning to feel like HOME.

#jklhome #dayrehome #dayrehomes #dayrereno

We are changing our tv console top to a wood top. I didn’t realized how much work is taken to change it. And the worker of my ID, they are so meticulous and careful.

Worn the top out with LB leather shorts. Wanted to keep it for CNY but I couldn’t resist.

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