Today is a big day for us because our air con, television, bed, sofa and a lot of items are coming in and after today, our house will be ready for move in any time soon!

The very paranoid Bigman didn’t want me to take leave and be around because he’s worried that the drilling will trigger off my asthma or skin allergy.

So I’m off to work while he promised to send me photo update as the items come in today.

I have to say till now, I’m very happy with my ID. Apart from the slightly slow respond, he’s been doing a great job, taking care of every detail and ensuring that things are going the way we wanted it to be.

We went to #jklHome that day and was quite pleased with the end result, except for my walk in wardrobe which is not done up by my ID.

His company does not do pole system so we have to engage another company to do it and they did quite a bad job and it’s the first time I’m telling him that I’m disappointed. I know it’s not his fault but still, it’s like everything is done properly and suddenly you have a room full of defects, sigh.

#dayrehome #dayrehomes #dayrereno

Let me share some progress about the home instead, the satisfying part!!

The wall at the entrance of our kitchen is too short and we are unable to put any sliding door.

Other IDs that we met with advised us to extend the wall or put a pushing door instead. We ain’t too keen in both the idea and I’m thankful that we met our ID. He gave the brilliant idea of building a glass panel so that we are able to have the sliding door still.

The glass door and glass panel make the kitchen looks very spacious. Next time when Bigman cooks in the kitchen, I can peep in and see what he’s doing!

Our mini rain shower is up too.

To be honest, I think our toilet is too small and I have no idea what to do with it. Apart from purchasing and installing the rain shower head, we are only adding a shower separator.

I told Bigman we shall look into the toilet renovation after CNY.

My white track light in the living and dinning area. I love the rose gold element in the track light, so glad we didn’t go for the full white version.

Another thing to add on, I didn’t expect my lights to be so bright!!

So glad that my cabinet matches the wall tile design and the quartz top.

I’m feeling so upset and pissed now.

Look at the cigarette marks on my beautiful floor.

According to Bigman, there’s so many of them until he gave up counting and taking photo.

I’m very sure this is not the work of my ID’s workers because they are done with their work and they usually take great care of our stuff.

I don’t wanna blame anyone but logic tells me that the only people who came in are the third party pole system workers. And looking at how they have damaged our wall and the poor workmanship, I can’t help but associate it together.

I felt so heartbroken looking at all these scars at my ceiling in my walk in wardrobe. There’s even holes from drilling and nothing was installed?

And look at the board of each piece of plank. There are a few planks that are not securely installed at all and almost every single piece of wood plank has this lousy lamination.

I think we are quite easy going with the renovation so far but the very obvious cigarette marks on my wood vinyl and all the big scars, I can’t close my eyes anymore.

I’m thankful that my ID is working hard to rectify the issue but I’m so stressed up now because my furnitures are coming in today.

Can I call the pole system company and demand for an explanation?

Latest update: Bigman tried to remove the cigarette burn himself and he managed to do it. So the poor him has to slowly clean it off.

Thank God the damage wasn’t too bad, only 1 or 2 marks which are more serious and might require a change of vinyl for the whole area.

Anyway I shall not dwell too much in it since the problem can be resolved!

My air con has been installed! I think it’s quite a good job done. And can you spot my rose gold and white track light?

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Blinds are up, exactly how I wanted it to be. The wooden fan looks so beautiful.

My dinning table is here too!! Love how it matches my vinyl and settee.

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