Doing a giveaway of eyeshadow. Head over to my IG(handle: mandalogy21) to see how you can win all 4 eyeshadow palettes.

The unicorn cosy slippers are from #Airfrov spree. They are so cosy and comfortable, can’t wait to wear them in the new home.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

#MDSCollections Contrast Pleated Dress in Navy, S.

I’ve been eyeing this ever since I saw it on their IG story. The material for this dress is very good and I love the heaviness of it. The contrast teal and blush pleats at the hem are very beautiful too. S fits with allowance and I love how fuss free this dress is. Perfect for days when I’m lazy to think of what to wear.

There’s nothing not to love about this dress. Glad that I managed to bag home the last piece of S in-store!!

Contrast Pleated Dress, M.

I couldn’t find the S for white so I tried on M which is very oversized on me. White is nice too and I couldn’t decide which to get. I had the urge to bag home both navy and white but I knew it’ll be too much to do so. The material is thick and good so the white is not sheer at all.

I couldn’t wait and worn it out today since I have a dinner appointment.

The pleated hems, too beautiful!!

Bigman bought this dehumidifier for my walk-in wardrobe and we tried it in the room last night. It’s not as powerful as the big one that we had but it’s functioning very well. Within a night, there’s like half the container filled with water, that shows how moist our current room is.

This will be permanently parked in my walk in wardrobe to ensure there’s not too much moist and help maintain my clothing and bags.

#dayrehome #dayrehomes


I love the fitting room in Junction 8 as compared to Bugis because it’s much more spacious!!

Anyway, this dress is so beautiful. It’s very light but the pleats with ruffled hems look so beautiful and you can swirl as you walked in this. The cutting is very flattering with the cut in at the waist area. Dress is lined so it’s not sheer at all. The floral looks good too. Think this dress is OOS online.


I love the contrast black with cream floral prints, prefect combination if you are a monochrome lover like me. I’m wearing S and it fits with slight allowance. I love the neckline which is not too low too and best part, there’s pockets!!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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There’s no more S available so I tried on the XS. Couldn’t zip up fully because it’s too tight at PTP. The mini rose prints is very unique and it’s different from the usual floral prints that we get. I love the cut in sleeve area, makes my arm looks slimmer.

When I saw Joyce posting this, I knew I had to get this. Thank God I’m heading to town after work and first stop was #Thetinselrack.

Wearing S in red and I love the design of it. It fits with slight allowance but it’s slightly short on me but I guess I’m fine with that.

The lace looks so beautiful and I love it so much even thou I’m not a lace kind of girl. I love it that it’s a romper, very suitable for day two for me to sit and run around with the kiddos but still add that CNY element.

Tried the navy version too but I think I like the red one more!!

Close up of the lace!!

And I bought my first #OurSecondNature dress. Wearing S and I’m totally in love with the fit. It’s definitely worth the money with the thick material and I love swing dresses like this!


Look at the prints, even Bigman approves of it. It’s so hard to find basic like this in SG and I’m glad I invested in this dress. Going to rewear this many times and perhaps this will make a great pregnancy dress in future too.

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