My #Chanel gift from Bigman!!

I wasn’t expecting any gift from Bigman because he asked what do I want and I told him nothing. So he gave me an angbao to shop. So when I saw this on my table, I was really shocked and surprise.

Thanks for the surprise, it’s been 11 years that we are together and every year, you’ll have something up your sleeves to surprise me.

He got the SA to wrap it up nicely for me. I thought he got his colleagues to buy the white box version from Rue Cambon lol!

I do miss having white box and I’m considering if I should add in Paris for my year end trip to Europe!!

Unboxing my present!!

When I saw the size of the box, I knew it’s a wallet…….

#LoveBonito just launched!
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My birthday gift from Bigman, Chevron Quilted short wallet with gold hardware.

Look at the beautiful design of this. To be honest, I’m quite impressed with his choice. I didn’t expect him to choose this design.

Thank God the coin compartment is in the wallet, if he got the zip version which is at the external of the wallet, I might not like it as much.

Interrupt my Chanel post for a while!

Super blue blood moon, happening once every 150 years is happening now. Do look for the moon and look at it!!

Due to limited slots, I’m using my Chanel card holder again to put my ezlink card and some other membership cards.

That’s all I have to share! Initially I was a little worried he might get me a boy. I bought my Chanel 2.55 almost 6 years back and I’m pretty sure I didn’t carry it for more than 30 times?

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m not loyal to my clothing, bags or accessories/shoes. I guess I have till December to consider before deciding if I want to invest in another Chanel.

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