It was my birthday yesterday and I had a great time celebrating with bigman and my loved ones.

Bigman wanted to surprise me at midnight but I was so tired that I fell asleep at 10ish. So he placed this surprise on my table.

In the morning when I woke up, I didn’t even spot it. I just went straight to the toilet to wash up before coming back to the room to do my makeup.

When I saw this on the table, I froze for a short while before realizing that he’s gotten me a surprise birthday gift!!

#chanel #dayrewives

What I worn for my birthday, dress from #TheTinselRack. I received a few compliments and one of my members even asked me where this is from.

Look at the beautiful hem.

Reunited with my mini twinnie too!! So glad that twinnie is done with her confinement.

Cell group celebrated my birthday during lunch too and I got all the girls to take a photo with me because I wanna have a baby girl!

I opted for a simple birthday dinner at PS cafe because I was craving for their Truffle fries(which turns out to be a little disappointing).

Love this outlet with the high ceiling!! Bigman managed to reserve a window seat and it felt great to put everything aside just to have a quality nice dinner in the midst of our crazy schedule.

Sometimes, I’ll question myself and ask if this craziness is worth it. And I have a friend who tell me recently, passion might not be able to give you the life you want.

Sigh, look at what my crazy schedule did to me.

The coffin bay oyster is very fresh and I just ate it on its own without any condiments. That’s what I love about fresh oyster, the freshness is everything. But this is a little pricey at SGD16 for 3. I need to find time to try the oyster bar at Raffles place which sells fresh oyster at SGD2/piece!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Truffle portobello mushroom soup which tasted really good too. I love it when they use real mushrooms to blend and prep the soup, that’s how Bigman cooks them at home too.

Truffle fries which was quite a disappointment.

Corn fed steak which was so-so. I guess I’ll stick to pasta the next time I’m at PS cafe.

Came home and had another surprise. He bought a rabbit cake and surprised me with momma.

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