Work has been crazy this week and I’ve OT-ing either at home or at my workplace. Can’t wait for our event to be over tmr to catch a breather.

The whole January has been filled with one thing, this work event and in a way it has taken over my priority of House renovation. And I’m super thankful for Bigman, he’s so understanding, supportive and willing to sacrifice when he knew I can’t do certain stuff due to what’s on my plate.

More updates on #jklhome.

#dayrehome #dayrereno #dayrehomes

Thankful for a friend’s recommendation, I managed to settle my blinds and curtain for the house.

The company that we have engaged is run by a close friend’s friend. He even came all the way to my mom’s void deck to meet us and passed us the sample. Before that, he went up to our new place and took some measurement so he’s able to share with us some stuff that we should be concern for and all.

I wanted to choose off white but both him and Bigman said that I should take white. Sigh, I’m always losing to the men. But what they said make sense to me so I’ll just let them decide.

We went up to the new house for measurement again because I was a black out curtain. Black out curtain will be installed at after the beam to ensure that no lights can penetrate our room.

And to our surprise, the lights and fan and up!

I wanted an unique light that fits my house theme at the entrance of the main door but I really had no time to source for any due to work.

I was telling Bigman I don’t know what to do with that place so just get the small normal round flat light as our toilets. When he was at the light shop, he was showing me some photos but I don’t think the samples in the store was nice. And I didn’t know he went and tell the auntie to customize this.

We saw this selling at some online website for $250-$300? We managed to get this at $150 with the light bulb? This is actually a set of 3 but Bigman managed to convince the auntie to sell us one and gave us the light bulb too.

At times, he does impress me with his ability to do stuff like this. I’ve been telling him I like light bulbs which shows the filament tube and he gotten me this as a surprise.

My wooden fan is up too and I love it so much. It’s very functional and there’s 2-3 mode of wind. There’s this inner and outer fan which I’ve not really explored yet. But it look so pretty.

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