I’m very happy and excited with the progress of #jklHome renovation!

<Wood, Grey & White> was the theme of the house and it as a tough job looking at the different types and shades of wood. I’ve to ensure that my vinyl matches all my carpentry and different area of the house uses a different shade.,

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This will be the view that I get when sitting on my sofa in future, looking over to my shoe rack & dinning settee area.

I’m glad the white and wood shade that we have chosen for the dinning area and my shoe rack matches our floor. This is our main shoe rack and we built another hidden one behind the main door.

We painted the dinning area wall grey for some contrast and now I’m cracking my head over what to hang at that wall. I can’t wait for my white and rose gold lights to be up too!

Bigman went up to the house yesterday and sent me some photos. Most of the carpentries are up except for my walk in wardrobe. The cushion backing of our settee will be up when most of the work is done too.

I was expecting myself to be very excited about the stuff done up in the house but I guess I’ve been too drain and stress up at work and for other stuff that I’m quite calm when entering the house. Bigman was slightly disappointed with my low enthusiasm when I entered the house.

I was a little upset with my choice for tv console. Bigman suggested going for the same wood and white concept for dinning settee, shoe rack and even tv console for the uniform look but I wanted something different for our console.

Ended up, we asked our ID to add on the wooden top for the console too and he’s doing it for free for us. And yes, ever since carpentry started, he’s been very responsive. And I’m glad he has an eye for details too!

This is my customized island for the walk in wardrobe and Bigman was more excited about it than me even thou I’ll be the one using it.

When the island came, I took a quick glance and felt that it was alright. But the 2 men, they ain’t too alright with it.

The top of the island is a see through glass so you’ll get to see what’s inside. There’s a huge 4cm gap between the edge of the drawer with the back of it and it’s very very obvious when you look down.

My ID was shocked to see this when it arrived and Bigman felt that the measurements are too off from what we wanted. Bigman told him that the measurement is off and without much saying from us, he’s going to have the whole thing rebuild again in the correct measurement.

I’ve read horror stories online and heard from friends. And their stories added more stress to me. I’ve heard about how carpentry was done wrongly and the ID refused to rectify the issue. How ID would ignore and argue and the couple either pay extra or live with the error. And I’m sure you girls heard of such stories too.

I’m just thankful my ID ain’t behaving this way. He’s been taking the initiative to check, rectify problems and updating us of the progress.

I wanted these compartments and he told me that we might have to add on money for them at the initiate 3D drawing part. All these require workmanship and materials cost too and we totally understand. He suggested that we can find compartment specialization to help us build and customized too and I had the intention to do so.

Then, he surprised me with this!

And he’s still willing to change the whole island for us.

I think I can forgive his slow respond during the initiate part and the gap that’s so obvious in the island. I guess it pays to have a good relationship with your ID too and I always believe in being kind to people!

This is how my dinning settee looks like. This is still very bare looking because the cushion backing, lights at the back and some other stuff are not up yet. This is something that I’ve been wanting and really thankful that I have a space in the house to build this.

Beneath the seats are actually storage places and I love how we make use of all the space that we have. The settee is about 3m long so we estimated it can take 6-8 pax comfortably without adding extra chairs.

I’m very pleased with my kitchen too! Bigman is very happy with the Blum system which I have no idea what’s the good thing about it. But thankfully the wood grain and shade matches our grey floor tiles and while kitchen tiles.

We will have a cover for our dish rack to flash it in, I can’t stand open concept for that. Our top will be a black quartz which I think will look nice with the wood that we have chosen.

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We did a half cabinet for the other side because the kitchen is small and I don’t want it to feel even smaller with full cabinets at both side. I’m glad the tiles and shade of wood matches.

We bought more furnitures last night too. I shared on IG story and some of the girls asked me about it.

I’ll share where they are from after they have arrived because I ain’t too sure how’s the quality of the furnitures and I’ll feel bad if the quality is bad!!

I bought this <Amanda Side Table> at SGD89.90 and I’m so pleased with it. The wood shade matches our house and most importantly, it has my name in it!! Very cheap thrill but I think it’ll look good either in my living room or master bedroom.

We got this for as our bed frame.

I didn’t want to get storage bed because I don’t like the idea of it.

I love the short cut wooden legs too!

Best Buy for the night, my dinning table.

I’ve been on a lookout for one that doesn’t have much obstruction at the leg area so that we can sit comfortably.

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