What’s your Everyday bag?

For me, it’s my black Longchamp bag that I’ve been using for a year. I’ve been wanting to replace it but couldn’t find any that’s able to function like it.

Due to my job nature, I need to carry my Asus laptop around and even thou mine is only 1.5kg, it’s quite a weight still. Together with other barang, it’s not easy to find a durable and chic bag which is roomy enough and yet fit my dresses.

I mean black bags are the safest & versatile right?

I was excited when #iuiga launches their Everyday Tote.

Look at the beautiful shade of nude that it’s in. This bag is made of Cowhide leather which means it’s durable for me to carry a lot of items out with me.

This tote bag comes with a free pouch which is detachable but I prefer to attach it to my bag. One problem that I faced with tote bag is the need to dig into the space for my phone or ezlink card. With this pouch, my essentials are now within reach.

Look at the even and neat stitching, I’m very particular about how this because I’ve seen bad stitches before and it irks me.

It comes with a very comfortable long, over-the-shoulder straps. It’s slightly shorter than my overly-long Longchamp straps which makes it more comfortable for me to carry.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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At 40cm x 30cm, it’s a comfortable size for everyday use. It’s not too oversized or small for me.

It gives off a chic and fashionable vibe as an Everyday bag and I love how it compliments my outfit for work or even on weekends.

It goes well with my casual outfit too!

The bag is retailing at SGD99 which is very worth the money. It’s from the same manufacturer as Michael Kors so imagine the amount of money you are saving by getting this tote from iuiga instead!

I love their Honest Pricing, 30 Days Return & Free shipping. They have this honest pricing where they show how prices are being set. I feel that for SGD99, this bag is really worth it.

You can either get this via their website or download the app.


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