I ended dinner at 9ish, went back home and grabbed over to our new place to take a look.

Things we have to do because we are too busy and I’m starting to feel a little stress about how slow my ID has been.

Like I’ve mentioned, I think till this point, I’ll think he’s not bad but his speed of responding and getting back to me on stuff, too slow….

#dayrereno #dayrehome #dayrehomes

Before that, I was at Bistro Du Le Pin for Omakase and I think it’s a hidden gem in Singapore that’s not commonly known.

Omakase prices in Singapore can varies from SGD30 all the way up to SGD400-500? I’ve tried a few and by far I think one of the best and more reasonably priced is Teppei.

My dearest friend brought me for another Omakase experience yesterday at a new place and I think it has became my favourite.

Bistro Du Le Pin

150 Orchard Road
Singapore 238841

This Otoro Sushi with uni is one of my favourite from last night’s dinner. The uni that they used are very fresh.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Appetizer: Potato salad served with Crackers, Anchovies and Wasabi mousse.

I had one of the best Potato salad in my life. They added my favourite Mentaiyaki sauce to it and the combination turns out to be fantastic.

They gave a generous portion of Crab Meat for this Crab cake too.

And I had the chance to try grilled Ginko nut seasoned with salt which tasted super good that I’m missing it now.

The Hiroshima Oyster tasted great too, I can taste the freshness and sweetness of it. Super yummy that we felt tempted to order another ala carte portion of it!

And the sashimi, melts in your mouth.

Thanks for the birthday dinner & gift.

Worn this beautiful #Thestagewalk dress for the celebration.

Bigman took urgent leave to settle the house.

Carpentry work in progress now. I’m thankful that the worries that I had last night didn’t happen.

Bigman was looking at how my ID communicated with his workers and he said that he knew what I wanted.

So thankful that my ID actually kept to his words. Moral of the story, don’t listen to too many negative stories.

I dropped by #TheClosetLover because of the launch of their Cheongsam.

The red Cheongsam that I’m keen in wasn’t available so I tried this instead because the prints look so beautiful. I can’t seem to find the name for this size, think this should be a new arrival launching soon?

I’m wearing S and it fits with allowance. I don’t think I can squeeze into an XS so I bagged this home instead.

Close up of the prints and details at the collar. I love how it’s oriental and yet modern at the same time. This Cheongsam has a flare bottom which makes it very wearable during CNY where I’ll be feasting non stop!

Tried this skirt in S and it fits nicely. It’ll look so nice with a simple top but I’m not sure if I’ll wear this often because I’m not really a skirt person. Will this be too loud for me to wear for teaching??

I’ve some coins left so use them to purchase the new set of stickers!!

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