I’ve been on a lookout for nice HK drama for very long ever since Tang Xin Feng Bao 3 ended.

This is the new drama that is currently airing and there are only 2 episodes available. It has been a long while since TVB came up with a thriller drama and I have to say the thrill element for this drama is quite high. Till now I can’t tell if this is a horror or thriller mystery kind of drama.

Previously I’ve recommended an app which I used to watch my HK drama but it seems to be unavailable. There’s a website with very updated HK drama too.

Here’s the website that you can use to watch HK dramas: http://icdrama.se/hk-drama/3516-the-forgotten-valley/

Very beautiful #TheTinselRack red packet which came with my floral dress. I don’t think I’ll bear to use it!

Wearing #Lovebonito peplum top today for work with my favourite #Zara navy pants. I think I’m getting more work friendly clothing now and that’s a good news. Can’t wait to shift over to the new home in less than a month’s time, it’ll make digging for clothing so much easier.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Went to #LoveandBravery because a maxi dress caught my attention but too bad it’s not available online yet.

Saw this off shoulder top that looks quite adorable so I took to try it. Wearing S here and it’s very loose on me, there’s a concealed side zip and I didn’t even unzip it to wear. Material wise this is quite thin and it’s slightly structured and too straight.

I think this maxi dress is very beautiful. Wearing M here because the PTP for S seem to be very snug for me. I love the translucent hem which added some sexiness to this dress. The neck line is a little too low for my comfort. This dress came with a sash but I think it looks nicer without the sash.


I’ve been wanting to get some different for CNY this year and the first thing that came to mind was Cheongsam because I’ve never worn any in my life. I tried it during my wedding but I guess I couldn’t carry it so there’s no traditional outfit for it.

I know a lot of online shops have been retailing very nice CNY series but if time permits and situation allow, I hope to wear something that’s not so common.

For cheongsam, I went to #Ninthcollective and tried these 3.

This is a simple gingham style but I think it looks super retro on me. Wearing S here and it fits without allowance. If I were to wear this out, I don’t think I’ll be able to feast during meals. Material is not sheer and it’s being lined.

This is the loose kind of dress with a qibao details. To me, I think that cheongsam will be nice if it’s tight-fitted. This is another alternative cutting for girls who want to feast during CNY and still wear traditional clothing too.

And one last one, I think I can’t carry Cheong Sam!

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