I love the weekends!

I was invited down to #Thestagewalk to check out their new arrivals and I fell in love with so many pieces from this collection.

Anita Floral Ruffled Romper in Navy, S.

S is very snug for me at PTP. The prints for this romper is very beautiful and it caught my eyes when I first walked into the store. I love the sash that came with it where the ribbon is supposed to be tie backward and it creates a clean and neat look from the front. There’s pocket and the material feels so soft and comfortable. Almost bagged this home with me.


This is the Beige version in M which fits me better due to PTP. This romper has a v neck and it’s not too low for my liking.

Close up of the prints!

Blanche Leaf Lines romper in Navy, S.

Another romper which I fall in love with. This has an unique and nice prints too. The cutting for this seems to be slightly bigger than the Anita Floral Ruffled romper. Regretted not bagging this home and I’m thinking about it now.

My favourite prints from the whole collection!

Lia classic jumpsuit in red, S.

This jumpsuit has a very nice v-neck that’s not too low for my comfort, definitely can wear for work. There’s pockets too and this is a bonus point!

They added a small detail at the front along the neckline to spice up the simple design. I ended up bagging this home because it’s a simple yet classic piece that I felt every girl should own. The red is not too bright for everyday wear too!

S fits me with not much allowance and I love how it makes me look slim!

Erika Lace Sleeve Cheongsam Dress, M.

I’m not someone who can carry cheongsam but I still want to give this dress a try. I’m surprised that this modern cheongsam design fits so well.

The lace details are so nice and it’s rare that I’ll love lace stuff. This is not too short too and it fits me with no allowance.

Close up of this cheongsam because it’s such a pretty piece. Look at how flattering it looks. Now I’m tempted to head back to get this because even bigman said it’s nice on me, which is rare for a cheongsam.

Ashleey Midi pleated floral dress in Navy, M.

This dress is love at first sight!! I’m wear M here, the PTP is slightly smaller for this. Dress is lined and look at the beautiful floral prints. Dresses like this made me fall in love with floral more, ditching more of my minimalist style!!

The pleats are so beautiful and you don’t have to iron them. Some pleats are very structured and you can’t wear them out without ironing them.

Close up of the pleats and floral prints!

Elois Floral Tie waist midi dress in Beige, S.

Another dress that has a good cutting but I think I can’t carry off Beige color in this prints. S fits me with some slight allowance and this came with a sash. Dress is lined and it’s not sheer at all.

Close up of the prints.

Bridget Striped Asymmetrical dress in mustard, S.

A very simple and fuss free dress, I think this dress is great for days when you feel lazy to dress up. The asymmetrical hem added some fun to this normal dress.

Carlene Colorblock pleated hem dress in navy, S.

I love the color combination of navy, yellow and white. The pleated hem looks so pretty in real life and it’ll swirl when you walk. This is definitely another fuss free dress that is prefect for lazy day.

Next up, #Thetinselrack time!

Saga Wrap Front maxi in black floral, M.

Tried this and love the prints of this. It’s a double wrap dress which means you get to tie and secure a side before tying the outer layer. I love the ruffles at the hem.

Hyacinth frilly romper in black floral, S.

This is another piece that I love. There’s a concealed zip at the back which means I don’t have to wrap, prefect for a lazy person like me. S fits with no allowance and it’s not too short or tight for me when I tried to sit or squat.

Adora fishtail dress in white florals, M.

M fits with slight allowance but S ain’t available on the rack for me to try. I love the cut at the sleeve area, makes my arm look slimmer. Material wise this is quite heavy and thick but I love the slight structured of it to keep the dress in shape.

Look at the beautiful hem at the back, I really think this dress looks very nice. Thinking if I should cart it online tmr.

Jogia Pleat Midi Mesh Jumpsuit, S.

I’m not sure why but I’m more inclined towards bright colors like red recently. This fits me with no allowance and I love the fit of it. The mesh area is to not obvious which makes it a prefect outfit for work. There’s pocket too!! The material is slightly structured and I love it this way. Bagged this home for work and maybe for cny if I can resist wearing this. Bigman’s grandma will love me a lot in this color!!

Ishla Colourblock Midi Bodycon Knit Dress in mustard, S.

This knit felt so comfortable but I think this color combination and cutting makes me look old. The knot is slight stretchable and it fits me with zero allowance.

Brunch today was at Stray by Fat Cat. I’m loving #EntertainerApp for their 1-For-1.

We ordered Stray Fries(Truffle fries with cheese) and it tasted so good. It’s a little oily but the fries are served hot with a strong taste of truffle.

We had the Wagyu Black Pepper Beef bowl. The foam is Pink ginger and I love how they served it in this form. The onsen egg is a little small but they gave a generous serving of the beef.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Growing up my fringe after so many people voted that I should keep my fringe long. Let’s hope I don’t give up halfway!!

Do you think I should cut bangs or be determine to grow out my fringe??

Saw this minion pack of battery going at SGD8.90. Felt so tempted to get it but I don’t know what to use it for so I put it back.

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