Things are moving at a fast speed for #jklHome and I felt so fruitful over the weekend.

We have gotten our sofa!

Before I continue, let me share some places which are highly recommended by a few of my friends.

#dayrehome #dayrereno

1. Ethnicraft
2. Prestige affairs
3. Commune
4. HipVan
5. Castlery
6. Comfort furniture
7. Kian
8. Muji

We have heard a lot about Castlery and I fell in love with the modular sofa collection from their online catalog.

I was quite happy to see the Sectional Sofa, this is not a section that’s easy to find.

The first set of sofa that we sat on at the studio was this Rupert Sofa Sectional Sofa.

How the real thing looks like.

This set of sofa is so comfortable, the depth is definitely something we love about this set. But the width of this sofa is 2.75m and it’ll be too long for our living room because I have other stuff that I wanted to put beside the sofa.

This is their popular Todd Extended Sectional Sofa which caught my attention too.

Every chair is modular and you can get decide how you want your sofa to look like.

Look at that corner seat, we did shortlist this set of sofa but there’s one problem which made us gave up on this.

The sofa is too low for our liking. We tried the sofa and every time we want to get up, we need to make an effort to get up. I tried to ignore this problem but I guess it’s too low for our comfort. I guess height is something important for us.

The different prices for different set.

If only this set of sofa ain’t that low, I’ll have gotten it.

Next sofa that caught my attention online.

Real life photo of it.

This set of sofa is good, it has the depth but not the height for the back. Another reason why I didn’t even consider it is the long chair for the L-shape. It’s actually 1 piece but the cushion for the sofa seat is separated into 2 pieces as shown in the photo.

When I was browsing the website, this set didn’t catch my eyes but when I’m at the studio, the real thing stood out from the rest of the sofas that’s being displayed.

Real life picture of it.

It feels so comfortable when we sat on it and it has the depth, which is an important criteria for us. The wooden sofa leg blends in with our home theme too. It’s at a nice width of 1.5m which is half of my living room wall.

On Saturday when we were at the studio, this set was going at SGD1099. I didn’t want to commit on the spot because I want to give ourselves time to think about it.

I know that sofa requires time before they are able to deliver it and I’m thankful that for their end January shipment, they have 3 sets available for sales too. The next shipment will be at end of Feb due to CNY and if that’s the time line, I’ll have to give up on this set and look elsewhere.

On Sunday night, I decided on Tana sofa sectional so we went online to purchase it.

For first timer, enter <Welcome25> to get SGD25 off your order so I did that and earn myself a discount. On Sunday itself, they started the SGD100 discount on Tana and I’m so happy about it. The discount wasn’t there when I went to check the website out on Saturday night again.

My little procrastination saves us SGD100!!

Please ignore bigman’s hand!

This is the color and material that we have chosen. They have at least another 20 colors/feel/different material available for this Tana Sofa.

I love the simple combination of grey with wood which is exactly the theme for our living room. This material that we have chosen feels very soft, comfortable and yet good and thick. We are able to take out the cover and wash it.

Many people advised us to get leather sofa instead of fabric ones, especially when I have a sensitive respiratory system.

Both of us don’t like leather sofa because it’s quite stiff and leather sofa requires conditioning and care. A set of genuine leather sofa is not cheap and I can’t just throw it away after using for 3-4 years as compared to my Fabric sofa.

We don’t intend to stay in our first home for long and we foresee ourselves shifting out once we hit the 5 years mark.

And I don’t think I’ll be bringing my sofa along too. In the name of countering dust mite or dirt issue, bigman bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner and I went 🙄🙄.


On Sunday, after church, it was an intensive shopping for many small items for the house.

First up was Lights.

For our living room, dinning area and walk in wardrobe, we will be using LED Track light.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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The first place that we went was selling 1Meter of Track Light for SGD28, which I told bigman it was daylight robbery.

The 2nd place which we went(and we bought almost all our stuff there) was selling 1Meter at SGD10.

I know there are cheaper ones but there’s different quality for the track. We feel comfortable enough to trust the owner of the shop so we made our purchases there.

For the light, I’m getting white cylinder with rose gold base for the living & dinning room. For my walk in wardrobe, it’ll be black cylinder. The cylinder with rose gold cost us SGD38 each while the solid color ones cost SGD35.

We purchased a total of 8meter of track light, 11 white cylinder with rose gold and 8 solid black cylinder lights. Didn’t expect track lights to cost more than normal lights but it’s still within the budget that we set.

For toilets, service yard, kitchen and bomb shelter, we are going for simple round lights.

I’m quite impressed that the small light at the top left hand corner is bright and sufficient for our toilets, service yard and bomb shelter. It’s going at SGD15 per light.

We got the bigger round light at SGD35 or 45, it’s slightly more expensive than outside but I guess we want a one-stop service and this is the only thing that’s overpriced.

We got a ceiling fan with light for our living room and that’s the only ceiling fan that I’ll allow bigman to purchase. Personally, I’m not a fan of Ceiling fan and I’m quite fearful of them.

Price is controlled for this brand so we just get it from the shop since it’s not possible to get it cheaper elsewhere. The wooden fan with light cost us SGD599 and we go for size 46’ for our living room.

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