Was out celebrating my birthday with my girlfriends. I couldn’t decide what to eat so we had Hai Di Lao and it’ll never go wrong.

We started celebrating each other’s birthday from 15? And now we are celebrating each other’s 30ish birthday.

Like what one of them said, from blur students to OLs to wife and hopefully being momma together!!

Back to #jklHome update. I’ll share here since so many of you asked where did I purchased my items from.

#dayrereno #dayrehome #dayrehomes

VI Singapore Innovations PTE LTD

267 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208939

The lady boss is a very friendly and helpful lady. We went there due to referral and recommendation. She was very sincere in her recommendation as compared to the first shop that we went.

I guess I was very dressed down that day and we got judged quite badly at the first shop. They charged us SGD28 per meter and I think we gave the shock face at the prices that they quoted us.

I’m not sure how they view us but we are definitely able to afford the (super overpriced) items there if we wanted to. But I don’t see the point in purchasing from there and the girl serving us was trying hard to be nice but can see that she’s showing attitude to us. I don’t like it when people sell me things with the attitude “If you think too expensive and can’t afford, buy the cheaper one lo”.

Anyway back to SG innovation, the lady boss was so sincere and I can feel that apart from wanting to earn money, she hopes to help us too.

For example, I wanted a rain shower for my MBR toilet but we didn’t really know how to choose or what’s the prices for it.

To be honest, they looked the same to me but the price ranges from SGD200-500?

She patiently advised us that the reason for the price differences is due to the tap and more of how the water pipes are connected so the rain shower head doesn’t make any difference to the price.

We shortlisted the round head(extreme right) and square head(2nd from right). The round head rain shower cost us about SGD200 while the square head rain shower cost us about SGD300-400. The reason why the square one costs more is due to the movable tap at the bottom.

We ended up taking the round head since the tap is not that important to us. The lady boss even told us that and advised us to take the cheaper one.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Next important item to us is the Hob & Hood.

Picture credit to owner*

I don’t have a photo of our hob and hood, or rather I’m not sure which brand did bigman bought. He’s the one cooking most of the time so he went to do his research before choosing this. But I do know we selected it based on a few criteria.

1. Inner vs Outer flame

I’m not someone who cooks a lot and I have to be truthful here, I’m scare of big flame. The hob that we had at home is the traditional kind and the fire can get really BIG. Sorry if I sounded silly here but it’s a real phobia for me because I’ve burnt myself accidentally before with the flame.

When we get our home, I would love to do some cooking especially in future when we have kids. So bigman went to research.

We went to check out the inner flame one and I think it looks less scary for me to use. So we decided to spend a little more on it.

2. Glass vs Stainless steel

We went asking around and many people advised us to get the glass instead of stainless steel. Stainless steel is harder to maintain as compared to glass.

We got a set of Hob and Hood at SGD799 with inner flame and glass. I’m not sure what other reasons bigman has to get ours but he did mention that our set is slightly more expensive than normal kind.

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