First day of work for 2018.

I’m feeling a little nervous about work. My engine for teaching or even project coordination has been off for one full month. I’ll require some time to get back that mojo but time isn’t on my side.

Pretty excited about my first lesson for 2018 which will be happening tmr. It’s my own client and I hope I won’t disappoint her because she’s such a nice lady.

I’ll receive email/DMs asking about my job, or jobs related to early intervention or Psychology related. Thought I shall just clarify and share some knowledge that I know here.

I graduated with Bachelor in Psychology & Sociology.

To be very honest, a degree in psychology ain’t that useful in Singapore. In order to practice related fields, you’ll need at least a master. And to be a registered psychologist, you’re required to do your masters and clock in at least 200 supervised practice hours. Do note that the number of required hours varies.

I did my degree with the thoughts of wanting to go into Early Intervention and I did get a job offer for that.

To be an early intervention therapist or teacher, with a degree in psychology, I’m required to take a 2 years advanced diploma in early intervention.

For early intervention, the field itself is very wide. The area that I’m keen to work in was for children below the age of 5. I applied for various places and the place that offered the closet to what I wanted is a voluntary welfare organization.

It functions like a child care to children who are diagnosed with developmental issues. What differentiates it from a normal child care is that each child is required to attend lesson for 90 minutes only and they are grouped into a class by their ability instead of age.

I sat in for 2 lessons as it’s required as part of the interview procedure to see how well we can cope or interact with the children.

For the first lesson, i was attached to the youngest group. There’s a total of 3 teachers(inclusive of me) in the class. So it’s a good ratio of 3 teachers to 5 children. From what I understood, the ratio will change according to the needs of the students.

Apart from getting the children into a routine, we have to work with speech & behavioral therapist.

For example, a 2 year old boy in that class, due to some developmental issue for his speech, it affects his normal routine for drinking and eating. When I was there, the speech therapist scheduled him to practice drinking from a straw for that week.

During snack time, we have to let him try to drink from the straw instead of his usual cup. That’s when he’ll get the 1-to-1 attention from us.

I remembered how it took me 23 minutes to get him to drink his first sip of water. At that moment, I felt like a proud momma.

It was a struggle between being in early intervention and my current job.

I love my current job even thou the workload and working hours can get crazy. But I love it so much that it doesn’t seem like a job to me. It’s like living your passion.

I took a month to decide which job to accept.

Prayed, spoke to a few friends, read up more, asked myself and I did a lot within that one month.

To be an early intervention teacher, I think there isn’t a need for any related studies but to be a therapist, I think a related field degree with an advance diploma is required.

So it was a huge challenge to choose between both.

For my current job, I don’t need my psychology background so it’ll feel a little wasted even thou it’s relevant.,

I won’t be sharing in details where I’m working at but I can share a little about the nature of job.

I’m blessed that my job allows me to interact with children. Even thou I’m supposed to be there to impart something to them, on certain days, I felt like I’ve learnt more than them.

Like the little boy who lost both his parents but he’s still working hard for his PSLE because he wants to reach his goals and make his parents proud.

He taught me what is called perseverance.

Despite the tough environment, he’s grown and became more mature than child of his age.

I’ve learnt a lot of simple values from the little ones and at times when I looked at them and their simplicity towards life at that tender age.

Life ain’t too hard and life ain’t that complicated.

Just to clarify, I did NOT take on the early intervention path.

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