First day of 2018!!

I’m saying goodbye to the slow pace at work as we are hitting the peak period. 2018 will be an exciting year at work too because the company is organizing a new thing and I’m part of this exciting project.

Cleared some of my work and now bigman is awake, it’s time to head out. I’m very excited about going out after staying home for almost a week!!

Heading out!!

Sushi express has became the lunch/dinner option when we don’t know where to eat.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Went in to #Theeditorsmarket #tem and tried this on. I love the color but this is not work friendly and I’ve too many off shoulders at home!!

I’m looking for lazy outfit like this which I can just grab and wear for work. But those in TEM doesn’t seem to fit me well. Wearing this in S and it amplifies me.

We went over to Ikea to take a look and find inspiration for #JKLhome.

I found my grey modular sofa but the whole set of 5 cost SGD1699 which I felt it’s too overpriced. I’ll only need 3 seater with an extra sofa for leg to form the L shape or any design that we wanted. It’ll cost us about SGD1200 for that.

Any #dayrehome owners using #Ikea sofa? Are they worth the price??

Saw this very nice looking toilet mirror with some shelving at SGD45 only! My ID is charging me SGD200-300 for a customized mirror cabinet. I’m thinking if I really need a customized cabinet.

Big man was saying we should just get this from ikea and if it spoil after a year, we can change the look of our toilet!!

This cabinet with sink cost SGD259 while a customized one cost SGD400-600?? I think for my pathetically small toilet, I’m doing it the ikea way.

New flats for work, from #Charlesandkeith.

I’ve not shopped from C&K for a long time until I saw @whitechoco & @bbernice recommending the same pair of shoe on their IG story. Decided to go and try it & it was so comfortable that I bought and worn it so many times. And now, I’m finding myself liking the brand more!!

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