After being very sick and coping up at home for a week, I’m finally well enough to head out!

Christmas has been great and I guess I’ve feasted too much and ended up with a nasty virus which got me bed ridden for 5 days. I’m given 4 days of mc and thank God for colleagues who helped to cover my share of work, especially for appointments.

Let me backtrack a little on my Christmas!

Celebrated Christmas with my ex-colleagues or should I call them colleagues who turn friends?? Thanks for all the thoughtful gifts!

Every year we will say we won’t do gift exchange or secret Santa but everyone will turn up with gifts for everybody. Can’t wait to host them at our new home when it’s ready.

We had our buffet dinner at Katong V hotel. Food options were quite limited but the quality of food made up for the lack of choices.

The snow crab legs were so fresh that I lost count of the number of servings that I had. The sashimi was good too!!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Another round of feasting at one-ninety, Four Seasons hotel.

Christmas decoration everywhere!!

Our buffet line!!

I’m so happy that they have Parma ham and melon as part of the buffet. I had a few plates of Parma ham and melon in the end & it overtook the limelight of the main course.

Other food available!!

Main course: Steak

The steak was very nice but I guess we were too excited over the free flow Parma ham with melon. When they served the mains, I was feeling quite full.

Steam fish with zucchini, clams and prawns.

Received Aesop hand lotion and #Toofaced eyeshadow cum blusher palette. Can’t wait to try the eyeshadow and blusher!!

Chose a fuss free outfit, simple dress with #Fashmob vest & paired them with my new Ratten bag from #Airfrov. I got it at SGD40 but I got SGD5 off, so I paid SGD35 for it only. It’s very roomy, I’m able to put my iPhone 8plus, portable charger and a lot of other stuff. So happy with this.

Remember to quote <Amanda> to get SGD15 credits before making request or joining spree.

I’ve not done my nails for a good 2-3 years therefore this feels strange to me now.

This is a sponsorship by Smitten Nails & Lash, located in Yishun. The place is quite comfortable and I was their last customer.

The color will change as you look at them from a different angle or lighting, the manicurist called this cat eyes? She used a magnet to create the gradient after applying the gel. Quite cool right?

Finally had time to unbox and try these #Heroine makeup products. I love the glass jar that they sent over with flowers, eyeliner and eye shadow. It reminded me of beauty and the beast.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

The 4 eyeliners that’s being sent over.

Eyeliners from Heroine are my favourite & I’ve been using them for YEARS. I’ve tried to switch to other brands but the effect and long lasting, nothing came close to theirs.

Their eyeshadow palettes.

They have created one in earth and brown tone while the other is in pink and brown tone. The colors on the palettes are very easy to wear and they are colors that we can wear everyday.

Worn an old dress from #Taobao via #ezbuy on Sunday.

Worn this over past week too! Love the details of this romper!!

What I worn for shopping today!!

First stop was #Theeditorsmarket #TEM

Tried this and bagged it home for cny!! It’s not too low cut for me and it’s a perfect casual romper for me to run around and play with the kiddos in the house.

This looks nice on the rack but not on me.

Went to #Lovebonito and tried this. Wearing S here and it fits with allowance. I think the cutting is not very flattering for me.

Visited my mini twinnie 2!! Can’t believe she came out during Christmas and I was too sick to visit her till today. Hello another baby C, auntie Amanda promised to love you as much as I love your jiejie. Please don’t grow up so fast okie?

Saw this sweet at a Japanese drug store! So adorable. Should have spotted this earlier, I might get this for some of my friends as part of their Christmas gifts!!

Before I let this slip my mind, our wood vinyl has been completed and I’m so thankful it didn’t turn out to be too white!!


Left over vinyl!

Saw this and thinking if I should switch to tablets for my collagen intake.

In 2018, I want to be more hardworking in taking care of myself in health and beauty!!

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