We are 12 days away from 2018!

That’s quite scary. I think it’s time to look back into 2017 and be thankful for all that has happen.

I ended 2016 in London with the beautiful Christmas lighting.

Waiting for one of the world’s biggest countdown in London, but ended up being disappointed with the firework because NDP’s standard seems to be better 😂.

I’m not sure if it’s due to the cold, my root canal flares up on my left molar tooth and I woke up on 01/01/17 with a big swell. I was in great pain and this swell followed me all the way in Europe for a good 14 days before I tolerated it for another 4 weeks before consulting a root canal specialist to mend it.

And yes, that’s the first major event in 2017, spending 2k-ish to do root canal, speaking of which I’ve not gone back to have my crowd fixed on yet 🙈.

I turned 30th in January too & I felt so old now!!

Together with my close friends & family, bigman threw me a surprise party which I wasn’t aware of. This man, he’s so capable of hiding things from me, I must be wary of him!!

We decided to start our annual photo taking during CNY to record down how our little family which started with KOR and me has grew.

Look at my baby Z, still so adorable!! And I love the pikachu tops which the brothers worn, we got them from Primark and they love it so much.

And I got my driving license in the month of February too!!

We did an impromptu trip with my twinnie to Hong Kong again. Our previous HK trip with them was 5 years ago with just the 4 of us. This trip felt so special with mini twinnie with us and next year, she will be a big jie jie!! And I hope when we return to HK in 2-3 years time with them, we will have our own baby too.

We went back to Disneyland again and it felt even more magical with this little one around.


Taking the Disney train while the little one took her afternoon nap!!

With my twinnie!!

We went on carousel for like at least 3 times because auntie amanda loves it a lot!!

I’m blessed to have them, let’s conquer HK again in 2 years time!!

After coaxing me to get my tooth fixed, he brought me to Bangkok.

I’m very very scare of Dentist so he has to use a trip to coax me to have the operation done. And mind you, I had a total of 3 operations which lasted for 2 hours each?

Cafe hopping with him!

Night market hopping!!

And I love hanging out under fairy lights.

April was the month I did a serious job hunt and went for 2 interviews.

I started a part time job at my current workplace in February after a friend’s recommendation. My company is very small and we have less than 10 full time staff with a lot a lot of part timers or ad hoc staff. I was surprised that they will consider me for full time position. At the same time, I was offered a position as a early intervention therapist too.

It was a month of decision making!

And I was employed in the month of May. Before I start work in mid-May, we went on a short trip to The Canopi.

Look at the amazing sky, I miss the place so much.

For the first time, we rid a scooter together and we even headed out around Bintan Island.

Looking forward to more adventure with you.

On 15th May 2017, I started my full time job after a 11 months of break & rest. And this job is a dream came true for me even thou I’m feeling stress and stretch most of the time. 7 months into it and I’m loving it a lot still.

But please minus off the crowd on train especially when I have to change at Bishan to circle line. And I guess I’m very motivated to own a car after our place is done up.

We celebrated our 5th wedding & 10th anniversary in July too. I considered it a milestone because we are together for a decade. It might be nothing for other couples but it meant a lot to me.

I’m thankful that after a decade, we still feel excited about our dates, new travel adventures and we are still learning new stuff about each other.

I’m like the crazy storm which pours down heavy rain and shot thunder when I panic but he’s like the solid stone that’s so calm and steady. I’m thankful for u.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Let’s chase more murals together.

In August, we squeezed in a trip to Melaka too. It seems like I’ve been heading to nearby for holidays since I can’t take long leave.

This time round with our God son and our bestie.

Love the food in Melaka and it’s the second time I’m there.

I still remember the taste of this bowl of goodies.

On 21st September, we went down to HDB to pick up our keys to our new home. And that’s a milestone for us, stepping into our new home for the first time.

Went for another shop staycation in Legoland to celebrate Mini Twinkie’s 3rd birthday too.

Our second time at LEGO land.

And just for her, we made a trip to Hello Kitty land, a place that I’ll never step in if not for her. She was all smiling looking at the hello kitty stuff!!

October was the month that I officially graduated and had my convocation. We went for a mini DIY photo taking session too.

With my boys!!

My fam fam whom I love.


With my dearest momma.

Bigman surprised me with an iphone8plus in October too and I’ve been loving the new phone since then.

Last month, I passed my 6 months probation and it meant a lot to me.

It’s not an easy job & it’s a new industry. There’s so many things to learn about and after 11 months of break, I had a hard time restarting my engine too.

But end of the day, I’m glad I’ve adopted and stretched my capacity. And I’m thankful I’m able to contribute to this lovely place that I’m in.

We went for a 2D1N getaway at Batam too.

I miss this place a lot!


We finalized our 3D drawing and renovation for our first home is starting this week.

There are a lot of other happy moments worth celebrating in 2017 but I guess they are too personal for me to share on a public platform.

And I’m dayre-ing on the go, after an afternoon of busyness, I lost the kick to write a lot. Imagine I typed in Century instead of Decade 😔.

But still, I’m thankful for 2017.

It’s the year I graduated, got my driving license, landed in my dream job and gotten our first home.

I can’t wait to see what 2018 will be like but I’m pretty sure it’ll be another exciting year which I’ll achieve a lot of milestones and goals.

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