You mean the weekend is over in a blink of eyes??!

Let me continue from my Saturday post.

Apart from the paint choice that we have to make, we went down to our new home to decide on the electric point that we wanted to add. I think I pointed a lot of points and we ended up adding 12 extra points.

Thinking back, I think I’m too happy just pointing and pointing. So after some talk with bigman, or rather after he talked some sense into me, we decided to reduce the number of point.

He’s charging us about SGD110 to pull out extra 2 electric power point. I’m not sure why it must be 2 at a time instead of 1 but I guess it doesn’t do any harm to have so many power point??

After settling house and lunch, we went back home for an afternoon nap before heading down to Kor’s cafe to hang out and wait for them to head out for our Christmas dinner.

Dinner was at The Pipe District. The food was so-so but the ambience and quietness made up for the lack of good food.

They have a foosball table where we are able to play for free. They have those darts machine which we can play for free too. These games kept us all entertained.

Having our fun together!!

Our annual gift exchange where the kiddos are the happiest!! Look at my baby A, he’s so grown up now and no more a baby.

Ordered cider!

I was joking with the family, this miso sweet corn is the best dish for that night 😂.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

This is one of their signature dish, charcoal seafood bucket. The seafood(salmon, scallop, onion ring etc) are coated with charcoal. It’s too salty for our liking.

This is my angus beef served on Himalayan salt block. The beef are served on a piece of leaf to prevent overcooked. You have to take the beef by pieces to put on the salt block for it to cook till the doneness that you like.

The steak is not too bad but I think the self-cook requirement made me feel very stress. The sizzling goes on for a while and I felt so stress to need to finish up the beef before I can’t cook them on the block.

Added a foie gras and it’s a thick nice piece!

I think for this place, their spaghetti taste the best. If anybody wants to chill at this place, remember to order their spaghetti.

I’m giving away this watch on my IG now, head over to check out how you can win this set of watch plus bangle.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Worn the #Theeditorsmarket #tem dress out and I’m wearing it again today with an inner top for work. Love this fuss free dress so much.

Sunday was candlelight service.

Jesus, the light in my life.

May our lights shine forever and brighten up each other’s life.

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