Up in the morning to wrap gifts for kor’s little tribe because we are celebrating Christmas tonight.

I have a work call at 9am too, I’m going to make it a short and sweet one because we need to head over to our ID’s showroom to take a look at the big piece of vinyl that I’ve chosen and many other details before finalizing everything. This is like a no-turning back decision and I’m quite worried how the whole combination will look like 😔.

I hope it’ll turn out to be exactly like the 3D drawing.


Did a flatlay for #ThePeachBox and I’ll be giving away the mesh watch and bangle next week. Do keep a look out for it on my IG.

Worn my #Lovebonito blush romper out today.

We have finalized our flooring, Love this shade of oak.

Next decision to make: Paint color

Our house theme is grey and white so we have to decide on which shade of grey.

#dayrereno #dayrehome

For white, it’s quite straight forward, I like the white tone of Snow Flake. But for grey, I can’t decide between the different shade.

I like this Verkehrsgrau A.

Second choice of Staubgrau.

Another choice, this time round it’s a lighter shade of Grey.

And last choice. I have to decide by next week which shade of grey to choose.

After settling House matter, we went to our favourite place for laksa and as usual, we had to wait for 20 mins before we get to eat our favourite.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

It was raining so it’s time for my #Zara coat out. Worn my #fashmob top out with my lazy #CharlesandKeith shoe.

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