Enough of house update for now! Can’t believe I’m joining Dayre Home community.

Attended the launch of #Snoopy with SK Jewellery earlier on. Snoopy is one of my favourite character and I’m glad that I’m able to preview this collection.

Hello Snoopy!!

Hello Snoopy!!

Look at the coffee art! The barista had to do those coffee art with so many pairs of eyes staring at her.


Gif with snoopy!!

The white gold collection which will be launch by next year. This whole collection look so beautiful, I got a feeling I might buy something from here.

This is their special Snoopy Dancing Star Pendant. It’s not very obvious in the video but the diamond is oscillating all the time due to a special technique that they used to create this. This look so beautiful and I think this got on my wishlist for 2018.

I received a piece of customized Snoopy gold bar with my name on it. Feel very happy receiving this customized piece because it has my favourite Snoopy and my name on it.

Don Don Donki SG

Over the weekend, we were in town and we saw so many people carrying their plastic bag. So we decided to go take a look at what they offered.

When we reached the entrance, there was a huge crowd of people gathering there. They release people in by batch because the place is not very big and I think it’s good that they did crowd control.

We didn’t had the intention to cook dinner on Sunday but this tofu triggered off our “buying” alert. Ended up, we had a HDL steamboat at home.

The fresh food which we bought. Crazy bigman wanted to get Wagyu beef but the prices are crazy, I’m not ready to splurge so much on dinner that day. But I think we will be back to buy the beef steak instead, and I guess that will happen when we have shifted in to our new place.

Part of our HDL steamboat. Bigman felt that the beef were so-so but I thought that they are better than those that we usually get from Cold Storage. I don’t like meat with a strong meaty smell!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Our Japanese firm tofu. We ate some of it without cooking it and it tasted quite good.

This is the Mentaiyaki mochi for steamboat. I’m a mentaiyaki fan so I love this a lot. Even thou the mentaiyaki taste ain’t as strong as those mentaiyaki scallop that I always have, I’ll still get this again the next time. The mochi part became so soft and I love the texture of this. I told bigman the next time we have steamboat, we must go back to Don Don DonkiSG to get this!!

The drinks and dessert that we have gotten.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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This dress is launched, should I get?

The lemon sparkling water which cost us SGD1.20! If you love sour & sparkling taste, this is for you.

Bigman saw the jelly with real fruits in it and he couldn’t resist grabbing one back to try. I think this little jelly is quite overpriced at SGD2.80 but for a dessert lover like him, he’ll think it’s worth.

There are peach and other flavors available but when we were there, there’s only stock for Orange & peach. I might have a different view on this if the grapes flavor is available 🙈.

100% apple juice which tasted like the usual ones that we have in NTUC. Not worth my SGD7.50. I guess we are paying for the brand & also the device that we need to poke in to pour out the juices.

We bought this “Must BUY” fried mochi. I love how it melts in the mouth & thank God it has a savory taste instead of sweet.

I was so happy to see this, Barley tea. 54 packets for SGD3.20 is quite worth it. I’ve not tried this yet but I know it’ll be good.

Grilled corn snacks which I’ve not open it yet. I can’t resist anything corn and I hope it’ll be nice!!

Instant miso cup, we had really nice ones in Paris during our honeymoon from a Japanese super market and since then, I’ve been looking high and low for them. And no, it didn’t occurred to me at that time that I should take down photos of how they looked like. Let’s hope this don’t disappoint me.

Pokka Instant soup. The corn flavor was out of stock so we got the clam chowder and prawn bisque flavor.

One of the nights, I was feeling hungry so I tried a packet. You can only put in half cup of water for this to keep the flavor. The prawn bisque flavor is quite strong and I love it a lot. My only complain is that it’s quite a small cup & I won’t feel full. Anyway, it’s worth SGD2.80 for a box of 3 packets.

Bought this from Love Bonito’s 1212 sales. This will be nice for weekends or holidays.

Another dress that I got from their 1212 sales. Previously I’ve tried this but can’t decide if I like it. Since it’s on sales, I got it at $22 only!! But bigman don’t like the color.

I was looking for this dress & @whitechoco informed me that it was back in stock. There’s only M size available and it’s slightly loose on me. I’m not sure if I like this but bigman asked me to keep this.

What do you girls think? Keep or return??

#Fashmob parcel arrived too. Got a work friendly top. I tried the rust version and it looks totally off on my skin. So I got the mustard version instead.

And this dress, bigman thinks that it’s not nice but I quite like it. Dress is not sheer and it’s very flowy. Should I keep or return?

We ate junk for dinner again!

And this corn snack, it has corn flavor. Please don’t be surprise that a lot of “corn snacks” doesn’t have corn taste at all.

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