Received the first draft of #jklHome 3D drawing and I’m quite pleased with it.

This is my living & dinning area.

I love the grey & white feel but the wood feel is not strong in this 3D drawing. The wood vinyl that I’ve chosen is oak but like what my ID said, it’s not obvious in the drawing. The shoe cabinet has an oak top too but I guess it can’t be shown here.

For my dining area, I love how it looks exactly like how I wanted it to be. We might be adding trap light at the area to make it nicer.

#dayrereno #dayrehomes

The wall behind this view where the sofa is at will be in white. So it’ll be a contrast of grey and white with the touch of white and wood with the furnitures.

This is how one side of our walk in wardrobe looks like.

I went with pole system instead of wardrobe because my room ain’t that big and wardrobe will make it look smaller. I’m very certain that I want to seal up the window with a fake wall too because I don’t like the messy look of pole system with the window. But instead of putting up a fake wall, my ID will be putting up a solid partition.

The pole system will be in aluminum color and I’ll want to change the wooden plank to white to fit in my white and wooden feel. The floor color for this room will be the same as our living room, in the shade of oak instead of such a strong wood color.

For the island, it’ll be customized. My ID & bigman suggested that we should use the darker shade of wood as per the above picture for a contrast and design “feel”. The issue is, I don’t have any “feel” about this darker wood sitting in my WIW.

Since the floor for this room will be in a very light shade of wood, should I change the island to something lighter? Or will a dark tone of wood be nice since it gives a pop of color against the white and light flooring?

I want to shift the poles that are for hanging the clothing to be placed in between the wooden plank. Both men(ID & Bigman) are worried that it’ll be too high for me. I might want to get the “pull down system” where the pole holding the clothing can be bring down. But I have to take a look at how the actual thing looks like. If it’s too protruding or out of place, I’ll just leave with the height. Anyway, I don’t think it’ll be too “high” till I can’t reach it.

Update: Bigman suggested that we should keep the wooden plank in black because white doesn’t look good. Hmmmmm should we go for black and keep it as it is?

#Lovebonito sales, items going at SGD22!

For pole system, we are considering OPSH and another brand which I can’t recall now. There isn’t a lot of pole system companies in Singapore so I guess our choices are not a lot.

Another reason why we decided to go with pole system is because it can be fully customized. I know that for built in wardrobe, I’m able to customize too but I feel there’s more restriction when If I go with wardrobe.

I’m able to add in accessories such as mirror or holders to the pole too. And any time if I needed a change in the structure, I’m able to do so too unlike a built in wardrobe.

I value flexibility and ability to make amendments in future very much. So I guess pole system is the way for me.

This is how our kitchen will look like. I guess bigman’s dream of having an island in kitchen will only happen at our next home!

We build a full length cabinet on one side but for the other side, we decided to go with half cabinet to make the kitchen more spacious.

We decided to go for maple wood and black quartz(50mm) to create the look and feel of our kitchen.

We will be adding in Blum for our kitchen cabinet too. It’s a big headache to decide what slots do we want and I think I’m leaving this headache to bigman.

Our air con installation has been done today and I’m thankful for friend and the contact that they shared. You know you’ll feel more at ease when things are done by friend or people that they know. Bigman and I didn’t go down to check or observe but I know it’ll be well done because I trust him.

We will be meeting our ID tmr night too to take a look at our second draft & finalize some details. If everything can be sorted, we will be paying 50% and renovation work will start on Monday.

Update: We will be meeting our ID on Saturday instead because we need to decide on where we want to put our power point.

I asked bigman and found out that we will be using Excelhw for our pole system because their quality is the same as OSPH but it’s much cheaper.

I’m not sure how much it’ll cost because my ID has not taken any exact measurement yet. The estimated price that we were quoted was SGD3-4K for the items that I wanted.

To get list for house.

✔️Washing machine
✔️Air con
1 ceiling Fan
Bed frame & Mattress
Dinning table
Cocoon chair
Master bedroom shelf
WIW mirror

The next few items that I want to get will be Sofa, Dinning table and Bedframe(with mattress).


I’m looking for a 4-seater modular sofa but till now, I’ve not seen any in any of the furniture places in Singapore.

I’ll prefer it to be in fabric and every part of the chair and be moved so that we can have the flexibility to shift it as and when we want.

I want to sleep with my soft toys still but due to the structure of our room, we can’t put the bed against any wall.

We are looking around for a bed frame like this where one side has a bed rest for me to put my soft toy. But I’m looking for something that is elevated because I like tall bed.

I’m thinking of getting a simple wooden bed frame then get my ID to build an extension of wooden plank for my soft toys. Anybody tried anything similar?

I think many of you have seen this around too!!

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