Having my first Christmas celebration for 2017.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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And I lost to @whitechoco in this hahaha!!

Anyway, back to air con, I’ve been wanting to share about it but couldn’t find the time to do so. I’ve received some emails and DMs on IG for me to share more on my renovation progress and all. I wish I had the time to do so!! Or at least I want to update more for #jklhome so that in future, I have something to read on to reminisce this process.

#dayrereno #dayrehome

How to decide how many System to take?

We have an odd shape living room, our living room is an area on its own while the dinning room is at a 90 degree to my living room. I get a very nice L-shape but this means that the placement of the air con will be a problem.

If we were to put the air con facing the living room, it’ll take a super long time for the dinning room to be cool. If we were to put it facing the dinning room, we will face the same problem for living room.

There’s a beam at the center of these 2 places but that’s a main beam which means we can’t do anything to it.

I didn’t know placement of air con can be such a headache too!!

Our initial plan was to get System 5, 3 systems for the rooms and 2 systems, 1 for living room & 1 for dinning room. We decided to consult air con expert(one of my super bestie) and after going to a few stores, we decided on something else.

Problem with 3+2 is that even if we on one of the 2, it’ll be a lopsided power and in time to come, our compressor will be damaged.

Ended up, we took a 3+1 where the 3 systems are at 9,000BTU and the 1 for living room and dinning area will be 24,000 BTU.

This is the model that we have gotten. This is by far the cheapest price we have seen from Gain City.

But thankfully we managed to get it at a much cheaper price due to some reason that I can’t share 😅.

#Lovebonito dress from the Capsule collection in black. Really love the cutting of this dress.

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