I was invited by Nature by Beauty, located at B3-49/50 in Ion Orchard, to try out this #Phyto treatment set.

They offer a complimentary hair scalp scan and I got to understand my hair scalp better. It’s a myth that people will thick black hair equates to healthy hair scalp because I do experience hair fall too.

Sorry to be scaring you girls with a photo like this. This is how my hair scalp looks like.

According to the beauty consultant, I have a relatively healthy scalp. There’s just a little blockage at some hair folica. And it’s nice to see that I still have healthy black hair growing from the folica. Thank God for growth!

I’ve told bigman before, my greatest worry has to be hair loss.

To me, I want to age gracefully so I’m fine with winkles and age showing on my face. Even if one day I’ve decided they are not alright, with the advancement in technology, I can always remove them aesthetically.

But for hair loss, I don’t know what will work. I believe a lot of us have seen hair loss commercial and advert. I’ve friends who experienced premature hair loss and they tried a few treatments & it didn’t work out well.

Prevent is better than Cure!

Let’s hope that this will prevent hair loss and strengthen my hair more.

#Fashmob just launched and I want to get this work friendly dress.

Mustard or Dust red? Help me choose please.

I’m giving away this Gula Melaka sponge & white chocolate cream infused with cinnamon on my IG. I don’t have sweet tooth but this tasted light and good.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

I received this beautiful coffee set from #Hookcoffee last night. The coffee aroma when I open up the box was so strong and nice.

Tried a cup this morning and it’s so nice. I think this makes a great Christmas gift.

This set is specially curated for Christmas where you get 25 different flavors of coffee. 1 set cost SGD45 and if you get 2, it’ll be SGD80!

I’m giving a set away too so keep a lookout on my IG.

Dropped by #TheStageWalk to try these on!

This new design looks so nice. I wanted to try the white one but I couldn’t find S on the rack so I took the blue one to try.

This dress is lined and the cutting is very flattering. I love the prints on this dress, very simple and nice. The ruffles makes it very flattering too.

Thinking if I should bag this home.

Tried this dress in S too, I think the prints makes me look fat. This dress feels very comfortable too but too bad it doesn’t look flattering on me.

Bang into a table and my toe broke, the next thing I know, it’s bleeding and hurts like mad.


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