We made another 2 purchases for #JKLhome on Sunday night.

#dayrehome #dayrereno

After celebrating bigman’s grandma birthday, we were out with the family. And it so happened that the place we were in has a Courts. We decided to drop in to take a look without the intention of purchasing. But the deal was too good for us to say no.

It was a decision between Samsung & LG. Bigman went to do some research and we decided to go with LG.

I’ve wanted a 2-door fridge but those that I’ve seen are about SGD2,000 or above.

Of course I know there are cheaper 2 doors fridge but I do not want to compromise on the quality and other aspect of it. We saw a display set for a Samsung fridge going at SGD899 but the door was so loose!!

So last night, we saw this new model LG fridge again but this time round, it’s going for a discounted price at SGD1529.

It wasn’t attractive enough to entice us to pay for it until the sales person came over and tell us about the special bundle promotion.

With any 2 LG products purchases, we are entitled to SGD200 cash discount & SGD150 cold storage voucher. We were told that if we sign up for the membership(annual fee of SGD59), we will get free delivery for purchases above SGD100.

On top of that, we will get 2 x SGD40 vouchers & 2 x SGD20 vouchers which we can use for our transaction immediately.

This is the washing machine that Bigman has been raving about. We ended up taking the 8kg load instead of 7.5kg.

And trust me, I’ve learnt so much about fridge and washing machine from the man. I’m very thankful that he’s super hands on and into details despite his crazy schedule. All I have to do is to look at the items that he has short listed, ask some questions or decide based on aesthetic and price!

The total cost of the items: SGD2,328.00
Amount we paid: SGD2,088.00

We are entitled to free delivery/installation, SGD150 cold storage vouchers and additional SGD40 courts cash vouchers.

I’m not sure if this is the “cheapest” deal but I think I’m happy with the price.

The best part is that we don’t have to make full payment. We paid 10% deposit and the remaining 90% payment will be needed before delivery. And the best part, if we decided we do not want the items, we will be refunded fully by Courts in the form of cash vouchers.

In the meantime, if we were to find other mega store selling the same item at a cheaper price, they will match the price.

It feels a little weird to be sharing about getting my ideal fridge within my budget BUT I do feel happy about it.

I think I’ve shared this before, we have waited 5-6 years for this ownership of HOME to happen.

Yes, we can afford a second hand flat but I’m not keen on that. The renovation for a new house is overwhelming for me, I don’t want to imagine the amount of work needed for 2nd hand.

When friends or people asked about the update for the house, I’ll be happy to share but most of the people will comment that we are too chillax about the progress.

It’s almost 3 months since we collected the keys and we didn’t start on renovation yet. I guess we have the time and I want to slowly enjoy the process of doing up the house.

Or rather, I’m too lazy and tire to make too many decisions at a time.

Let’s hope that renovation will be able to start next week!

Remember #Airfrov that I’ve shared about a few days ago? I’m using it to get some home decoration items from the popular Kmart.

I think Kmart is no stranger to a lot of us. The question we will ask is HOW to get the items since we are not in Australia??

DIY Letter Board

URL: http://www.kmart.com.au/product/diy-letter-board/1821307

Price on website: AUD13

Price I paid: Someone offered to help me get at SGD12 and I happily accepted the deal.

Round Rose Gold Look Tray

URL: http://www.kmart.com.au/product/round-rose-gold-look-tray/1794891

Price from website: AUD7

I’m willing to pay SGD10 for this and someone offered SGD11, I think I won’t mind paying SGD1 more for it!

Tip: You can lump a few purchases together in a request and redeen the SGD10 credit when you use my code <Amanda>.

Remember to redeem the credit before you make any request or join any spree.

Light up Box

URL: http://www.kmart.com.au/product/light-box-with-letters/660823

AUD15 but do I need another light up box??

I’m not #Dayremummies but we are intending to get a tent for our spare room so that the kids have stuff to play with when they are over at our place.

URL: http://www.kmart.com.au/product/tee-pee-play-tent—adventure/1089411

Price: AUD25

Rose Gold globe

URL: http://www.kmart.com.au/product/rose-gold-look-globe/1813942

Price: AUD7.00

Beautiful decoration for my shoe rack!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Hdb contractor just went down to check and call back. We need to top up $600 for the cement.

I’m nearby Plaza Sing for work and I’ll need to grab some stuff work work. Ended up I spent a little time to shop because I don’t want to face the train crowd home 😂.


Babydoll dress in S. This dress is lined and the material is quite good. PTP is quite snug for me and length wise, it’s a little short on me. I love the cutting of this dress because it makes me look slimmer than I am!! But it’s too short on me so I put it back onto the rack.

Tried this pleated dress too. S fits nicely but I think I don’t look good in pleated dress due to my body shape.


This dress is totally my style and it’s actually a hidden romper. I feel so tempted to get it but I recalled I have an exact same one from TTR which I’ve not worn for very long. But there’s a slight difference in cutting for both. I’m wearing S and it’s quite loose even for the inner romper but the TTR version, the inner romper is very snug for me.

Thinking if I should get this!

This dress is nice but it’s too low cut for me. S is quite loose on me too. Dress is lined and not sheer, I think the vintage floral print is nice. Crossing my fingers that they will manufacture this in another cutting!

I love this color combo of green and navy. Wearing S and it fits with allowance. Material wise, this is quite thick, different from the usual chiffon pieces that I’ll try from Ninth. Overall I quite like this but I realized I have too many of such dresses.

Dinner tonight, we opted for something simple. We started talking about how we can buy a steamer to cook a simple meal like this on our own in future.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

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