We are into the last month of the year!

I’m on leave today & there’s no agenda plan. I guess we will be heading to a few places because I have some adverts to clear and I need to get some birthday and Christmas for my friends’ children!

Bigman gotten this #Cony fan for me! I’ve seen this on a few IG stories and I didn’t expect him to get it for me.

Hello Cony!

I need to wait for bigman to wake up to unscrew this to put in battery before I’m able to use it.

#Givenchy products from the launch last week at #Sephora.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

The new packaging for their mascara.

Look at the brush, I can’t wait to use them later and see the result for myself.

I love the compact and classy packaging of this lipstick.

The travel size loose powder!!

Tied up my hair for an advert, used the Givenchy mascara and I love it a lot. The brushes felt like I’m using a comb, combing my lashes and every lash gets an even amount of mascara.

Worn this #Thevelvetdolls romper out for work yesterday and this time round, I match it with a belt. Love the look of it with the belt added!!

Bigman brought me for lunch at this famous braised duck place. I’m not a braised duck lover but the meat from this stall tasted really good. They have a signature fried yam which tasted so good!!

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties


I know you can’t tell what I’m wearing. This is my favourite gingham dress from #MDSCollections. The houses around the area are so beautiful and l love how they look.

Changed into a casual outfit because it’s time to play the ball pit at i12Katong. They have this ball pit slides which allows adults/children to slide and dive into the ball pit.

For every SGD100 spend at the mall entitles you to a free entry to this ball pit and a slushy drink. There are time slots given for each play time to avoid overcrowding so be sure to register and book your time slot.

While you are playing, hunt for special Christmas ball in the pit to win SGD20 vouchers too.


I went down this slide like 10 times??

We are entitled to a drink each too.

Straight after all the fun, I rushed down to #Lovebonito for their capsule collection. Everything looks so nice!!

First time here in their fitting room.

Bigman helped me to queue while I shop around with @whitechoco! So nice to bump into her at the store.

I call this dress the “Take my money” dress.

The material feels so soft and comfortable. I take size S and it fits loosely, the way I wanted it to be.

I couldn’t resist ash blue and black so I bagged home both.

Decided to try this top that’s recommended by Nadia. The cutting is slightly small so I took M to try. It fits nicely but it’s a little snug at the PTP. I love the cutting of this top and it’s not too warm when worn even thou the material is quite thick.

Tried this dress in black. I tried the M size which is too big for me. Before I got into the fitting room, I tried on the S size in red but the red is too bright for my liking. I love the cutting and slightly structured design for this dress.,

Didn’t know what to try so I took this restock XS maxi dress. I love it a lot but I figured out the black dress from the capsule collection is more worth me bagging home than this.

Finally went for SK2 exhibition outside Mandarin Orchard hotel.

Take a photo against this wall with my own shadow.

Limited edition bottle.

With my bigman!

Head over to #Takashimaya to take photos for an advert.

Taka has been a to-go place for me to shop for Christmas gift. Talking Hall has been a personal favourite because every year, they will have very interesting gift ideas there.

#Craftholic & the soft toy segment was the first stop that caught my attention! They have super huggable soft toy which are adorable looking and affordable.

I love this corner of the fair as well.

I’ll love to receive a jar of fairy lights!

This portable air humidifier makes a great gift! I’m going to get a few to give out.

And the first official launch of #MiffyRabbit lights. They cost SGD145 each, too expensive for a small light like this.

I love the wall clock and decoration too.

Dinner was at The Benjamin. I wanted P.S.Cafe but the waiting time was too long.

We ordered the usual beef salad which is very worth the SGD20. There’s 100g of beef, avocado, onion and a lot of other yummies.

Our favourite #Starbucks Christmas cake is back. We sat there till late night, people watching and talking about life. I love date nights like this.

Truffle fries that will never go wrong.

Took a photo at this tunnel too.

Weeks ago, after the official light up event, I had to choose Hai Di Lao and photo taking at this place. I ended up choosing Hai Di Lao!! So glad we made it here this time round and there isn’t much people around.

We were taking turns with these doggies to take photo at the tunnel. Bigman ended up playing with the doggies.

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