Wanted to get something from overseas but it seems a little impossible because you are not flying over there?

Fret not because now you have #AirFrov which allows you to shop the world!

I remember when I first posted on this Ratten bag, I received a lot of queries about where I got this from. I’ve been eyeing on this for quite a while but couldn’t find one that fits the budget that I have.

It wasn’t long before Airfrov came into my mind and I didn’t expect to get this bag at a more affordable price.

How to airfrov?

1. You have to find pictures/photos of the item that you want and post it online!

**Please make sure you download the app first!!

I used this photo to request for the Ratten bag.

Alternatively, if you are unsure what’s available, you can browse request by:

1. Browse by Country
– Check out what are the limited edition items that’s available in your favourite country.

2. Trending Request on Airfrov
– No idea what to get? Check out what others are getting!

3. Recommendations by Traveller
– Take a look at what’s highly recommended?

2. Filling in the details

You have to fill up 4 parts to the request.

Item Details

Add in the image then fill in the name of the item. I love how after typing in, they will provide some past request item names for you to select.

Fill up the details accordingly. If you are not sure on the details, you can check out other requests for it.

Collection Method

For collection method, I love to use self collection. It enables me to check my item on the spot at airfrov before releasing payment to traveller.


You have to decide on 3 prices:

1. Total Willing to Pay
– If the item is going at SGD30, you can choose to put SGD30. But if you are determined to get the item, perhaps you can put the price a little higher than the usual SGD30 to attract traveller to help you get it.

2. Service Charge
– This will be determine by airfrov!

3. Total Price
– The total price to pay. One thing I love about airfrov is that there are no hidden charges.

3. Waiting for Traveller to respond

After you are done requesting, your request will be kept on airfrov for 60 days. Traveller who is traveling to the particular country will check on the request submitted. If they are willing to aid you in purchasing the item, they will key in a price that they are willing to help you purchase the item at.

For my Ratten bag, I’m only willing to pay SGD35 for total price. I’ve a few offers at SGD40 just for the bag?

If the price that the Traveller requested for exceed your budget, you can reject and wait for another offer. I waited for 2 weeks before someone came along and match the price that I’ve set.

4. Payment

Once the price matches, you have to pay for the item. But fret not, the money will be with airfrov & not the seller. This is to ensure that after the Traveller will receive their money after buying and at the same time to ensure that the buyer only has to pay after receiving the item.

Airfrov acts as a secure middle person which protects both Traveller and Buyer to make shopping around the world easier and safer!

5. Collection of items

Once you’ve made payment to airfrov, there will be a Traveller return date given to you. After the Traveller has dropped off the item at airfrov or whichever method that you have selected, you’ll receive a notification to collect it.

Isn’t Airfrov easy to use?


For those of you who are new users, you are able to use my code and get a SGD10 credits.

How to get SGD10 credit:
1. New User signs up on website or app
2. Go to credit page to redeem AMANDA code. Gets $10 credits (make sure you do this BEFORE you post a request or shop speee)
3. Shop on Airfrov & post a request / join sprees

Some recommendations of what to get


The famous JB banana cake!

Even thou JB is beside SG, you might not want to travel in. You have airfrov delivery for your fresh banana cake.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Oh how I love instant food. Every time when I’m traveling, I’ll make sure I buy back instant noodles especially those from Taiwan, HK or Korea.

I don’t have the chance to travel to Japan yet but I’ve heard so much about their cup noodles. Now with airfrov, I’m tempted to request for some of these.

I mean, who can resist Ippudo?

Awwww Oreo breakfast sounds like a good idea too!

I’ve seen so many people requesting for this, is this really nice??


I’ve got addicted to #Lush after reading about it on #dayrebeauty but they are so expensive in SG.

With airfrov, I can shop and get it at a cheaper rate. I’m going to submit my request. Hopefully some kind soul will help me to bring them back!

#Jomalone is another popular item that I saw that’s trending. A lot of fragrant is out of stock in Singapore, I’m thinking if I should airfrov this in.

I’m currently using a milk cleanser with the iuiga cleansing device but I’m so tempted to try out this #Kanebo beauty whip soap too. Imagine every day when you are washing your face, you’ll get to see a beautiful rose!!

#JillStuart lovers!! I know what I’m going to request in the month of December! I guess a lot of you know that I’m a huge Jill Stuart fan and I’m using their loose powder on a daily basis. If I’m not intending to travel to Taiwan/HK/Bangkok any time soon, this means I’ll not have enough of my loose powder.

For #colourpop lover, this is another way to cart your favourite lipstick out!

Anybody knows if #WetNWild brushes are good? It’s hard to find a whole set of brushes that’s so affordable.


I love this new function that airfrov has recently introduced: SPREE.

How many of you girls belong to the spree on livejournal era? I used to spree and spend a lot of my pocket money on that platform because it feels so happy to shop for adorable items that’s not available in SG!

My #Gracegift Minnie Mouse bag is from airfrov spree too!

Spree works a little different from the usual request. As long as the slots are available, you’ll get your items. This means you don’t have to wait for someone to offer and wait a long time for it.

It’s like a guarantee purchase but of course, you have to wait for the person to return to SG with your item.

#Starbucks spree

Korea has one of the nicest Starbucks collection ever and every year, I can only admire them and not get them. Even if I were to request for it, there might not be people who will be getting them back for me at a reasonable price.

But with spree, it’s a different game ball! Most of the items are available still and the prices are very reasonable too.

Look at the price, it’s very affordable as a collectable item or as a Christmas gift.

This collection is so adorable.

Awww this set is so adorable too!



#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy @teebeijia @acrxtheuniverse @jerine @cheryllee @linettewhz @saudaded @cherylxong @imalittleteapot @itsmekarenn @darkice88 @Tfortheodora @nefuhs @jclpk @crystalsim @bleusnow @aziqixx

Christmas gift set

I think these beauty set makes a good Christmas gift too. A pity we don’t have all these available in Singapore.

Beauty and the Beast fan, this is for you!!

And did I spot an advert calendar too?

#TedBaker beauty set looks super good too!

The price looks reasonable too!!

#Disney gift sets

Awwww Disney gift set!!

This makes another great Christmas gift.



#TheFaceshop Christmas edition

Awwww Faceshop is another brand that comes up with beautiful Christmas collection.

Check out the adorable decor in the lipstick.

A tip: You’ll get SGD10 credit if you use my code <Amanda>. You can redeem SGD5 with every min purchase of SGD35. If the item that you wanted is below SGD35, you can cart a few items together before checking out to enjoy the SGD5 off in your cart.

If you have a few items to get, can I advise you to cart them out separately so that you are able to utilize your SGD5 twice!

Other stuff worth checking out

Get this pair of #Adidas at SGD85? You get to redeem SGD5 off with my code so you only have to pay SGD80??!

You mean Beauty and the Beast teapot set is available via airfrov too??! And it’s only SGD15??

I’m not surprised to see #Google home mini there. Perhaps I should request for 1 to surprise bigman for Christmas.

How about this clock at SGD20? I’m not a huge beauty and the Beast fan but if #Primark releases any Cinderella items, I’ll definitely request for them.

You mean I can shop #kmart from SG? Okie I’m going to request for items from Kmart next month when my house is ready.

The items from Kmart are so beautiful.

This is out of stock in Singapore and I saw people posting on airfrov!! #keds lover can start posting the design that you want.

And the list can go on and go.

Basically, you can request for any item that you want as long as you provide a clear photo, inform the Traveller where to get the item from and enter in a reasonable price.

What have I requested?

I’ve posted and within 10 minutes, a Traveller has offered to help me get. Yayness and I can’t wait to try this Oreo candy cane.

I remember chewing on these everyday in my Europe trip and how I miss these chewy sourish sweet. Requested for 2 packs to reminisce my Christmas in Europe last year.

And again, within 10 minutes, somebody accepted my request. Can’t believe I’m spending all my $$$$ on the food.

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