One of the HK drama that I’ve been anticipating is finally back. There’s 10 episodes being uploaded but I only managed to catch one.

I think the pace is a little slow but the characters’ behaviors are already showing in the first episode. Hopefully there will be surprises along the way. Michelle has not appear yet still so I hope with her appearance, there will be surprises. If not, the plot for this show will be quite predictable.

Another drama that I’ve been chasing. This show is not your typical kind of mystery police/detective show. There’s still a little thriller in it but it’s slanting more towards a comedy style.

I think the actors/actresses are all quite good and that’s the reason why I’m still chasing this drama. But sadly, this drama is showing only on weekends which means I’ll only get 1-2 episode per week.

The Tofu War, another drama that I managed to finish.

The plot for this drama is quite predictable but I guess I managed to finish the drama because there wasn’t any show to watch when it was launched.

This is your typical HK drama but there’s good actors/actresses which makes it bearable.

I love this show even thou the plot is a little nonsense!! There’s my favourite Kenneth Man in it which kept me chasing after this.

It’s refreshing that they are building this show based on taxi driver and it gives us an insight into this old trade in HK.

If you have nothing to watch, this is not too bad!

I felt so disappointed with this “show of the year” after watching 2 episodes 😭😭.

Yes the cast is good, their acting is good but I felt the plot, le sigh. Personally, I felt that they have wasted the actors/actresses on this plot.

I’m thinking of giving it another chance and catching it again when I’m more free next month, like watch another 3-5 episodes before I declare giving up on it.

There’s my favourite Ouyang Zhenghua and he’s rarely seen in HK drama too. Anybody watch this? Isit worth to catch it??

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Can I say that my favourite for second half of 2017 has to be this? I love the acting of the actors/actresses, there’s a good twist to the plot and the pace is not too slow or draggy too.

Common question being asked: Where do I watch my HK drama at?

I used to watch all my Hong Kong drama on this website. They are very quick and efficient in uploading the latest episode. For some popular show, they do live streaming for the last episode.

Just that for this, you have to be prepared to “fight” the advertisement that will pop-up. There’s a way to prevent all that but I’m not sure how because bigman configures something in the web browser & it stops the pop-up.

You can choose to watch either in Cantonese or Chinese language too!!

2. 极品影视

This is the app that I’m using to watch my HK drama and I totally love it! The streaming is very fast and they will usually upload the new episode within 24 hours.

I love this app a lot because it has a lot of other dramas, movies and variety shows too. It has this function which allows you to download the video in the app so that you are able to watch it offline too.

Apart from Hong Kong drama, they have dramas from Korea, States and China too. Here’s where I’ll catch the hot and trendy Chinese shows too!

It’ll show you the episodes that have been uploaded so far and it’s very easy to use. There was this once, bigman found a website for me and it’s so hard to navigate around and the Chinese words are so difficult to understand, I gave up using that website in the end!

As long as you can read basic Chinese, it’s very easy to navigate and find the right category or drama that you want.

I can choose to stream or download!! I’ve currently abandon the website and watch all my dramas from this app. The streaming is very fast and I experienced no problem so far. And the best part is that there’s no advert pop-up. The only downside is that most of the HK dramas are in Chinese language. For those who wants to watch in the original language has to head over to the website. I don’t understand canto so I’ll prefer to watch my dramas in Chinese.

Upcoming HK dramas


Ever since the announcement that there will be part 2 for this show, I’ve been waiting for it. The A-list actors/actresses and palace background makes me anticipate it. It’s scheduled to be release by end of the year, please don’t disappoint me.


Finally there’s a proper and decent police show upcoming. But I can’t seem to find the release date for this. The actors/actresses in this drama looks exciting and good. I hope they can outdo themselves or keep the standard that they have for 飛虎1 & 飛虎2.

Anybody else has any other nice drama to watch?

I don’t mind watching K-drama but I don’t like those romance kind. Any interesting one to watch?

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