Last night, my right knee begins to ache and hurt again.

Bigman woke up at 3am & 4am just to apply and massage some muscle relaxer onto them. I couldn’t sleep back because I was feeling in pain & discomfort. Ended up, he has to accompany me before I fell asleep back at 5ish in the morning.

What a night it was.

He wanted me to take off today to rest but I don’t want to because it’s our company’s team lunch cum bonding day.

I woke up feeling better and I even had time to bun up my hair because I grab to work!!

One thing I love about my job: It’s not DESK bound!

This was my view for yesterday.

After having a desk bound job for 7 years, I’m thankful for my current one which allows me to move about.

Lunch at FEAST

Christmas feasting with my company at Feast @ Grand Mercure hotel. I didn’t know they have excellent standard for durian.

Look at the Beautiful Christmas setting.

Highlight of this buffet has to be the durian, it was fantastic and I created a durian chendol.

We had company lunch and team bonding with our associate staff. I’m thankful that God has placed me in a place like this, in an environment where there’s no politics, colleagues who are kind, sincere and helpful. Most important, this job is so meaningful and I love what I’m doing.

I might not earn a lot now but I’m truly happy.

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