In my nature of work(according to my colleagues who are in the company for 5-10 years), there are peaks and off-peaks period.

And I’m glad that we have passed one of the peak period of the year and slowly transiting into the non-peak period. I’ve arranged many Christmas dinner, RSVP-ed to events and made many after work plans. The past few weeks of hectic schedule at work and personal life almost drained my life away and I felt I’ve aged like mad.

Black Friday

Gave myself a pat because the only place that I bought from was 4 pieces of clothing from #Fashmob. I wasn’t sure if I’m in their VIP list so I just tried to see if the code works. And before I knew it, the items are on their way to my house.

I was working near home so I popped back to change before heading out for CG.

Bigman was so excited to show me this Eeyore plush without any other character attached to it. I think I’ve complained too much about how Eeyore has been a sidekick 😂.

CG was cancelled at 6pm so we decided to head out to Tampines. I’ve wanted to shop there after dinner. WANTED but couldn’t because after our dinner, I’ve been making trips to the toilet and my stomach hurts like mad. Ended up I couldn’t really shop at the places that I wanted.

Bigman saw people taking these big bags and walking around Tampines One, so he popped over to #Uniqlo while his wife went in & out of toilet feeling miserable.

We wanted to get a tee-shirt each but I was feeling too unwell. Bigman bought the large black snoopy back home for me.

#Snoopy used to be one of my favourite character during sec school days and the first cartoon character that I’ve learnt to draw is Snoopy!!

Woke up early on Saturday and thank God I’ve recovered from the stomachache.

Received these c/o 08L_Singapore and they have sent over extra sets for me to do giveaway on my IG(same handle as my Dayre). If you are keen to win #Laneige BB Cushion, #3CE lipsticks, #DrMind Apt Clear Roller & #HopeGirl Jamong Makeup remover, keep a look out for this giveaway. It’ll be up some time today.

#dayrebeauty #dayremakeup

Worn my #Taobao clothing out for brunch with bigman. The Uber driver dropped us at a wrong place & we found this place for #OOTD.

Due to Black Friday discount, town was so crowded and we didn’t have time to queue for lunch. Ended up, we went to Tori-Q to satisfy my craving for fried chicken skin.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Attended the launch #Givenchy Christmas limited edition 2017, Les Noctournes. People started queuing at 6am just to purchase this. During the launch, we saw people buying like a few sets. An hour into the launch, this set is sold out.

The Christmas edition, look at how beautiful this whole set is.

This is the highly of the launch, limited edition eyeshadow that’s very pigmented, long lasting and shimmery.

#LoveBonito just launched!
@sh3rifoo @felicetsy @sabsoh @huilin__ @whitechoco @sxnoonlush @ruthneedsmoney @sodapopp @lovingmumz @bowiechuah @Allicsirpy @teebeijia @acrxtheuniverse @jerine @cheryllee @linettewhz @saudaded @cherylxong @imalittleteapot @itsmekarenn @darkice88 @Tfortheodora @nefuhs @jclpk @crystalsim @bleusnow @aziqixx

Wearing #Fashmob for the Givenchy event!

Dinner was at Genki Sushi, I love the food there. Thank God the queue for the Taka outlet wasn’t too long for 2 pax.

Sunday morning, it felt good to be back in church after missing it for 2 weeks.

Worn my #Hollyhoque knit cardigan out too. It’s the time of the year where SG feels cold and I need a good cardigan to keep me warmth. I love the functional pocket which can keep my iPhone 8 plus too.

Reunited with my favourite girl. Brought her to the bear parade at Suntec.

I had to carry her and squeeze in the crowd & I gave up after 10 minutes. This is when her favourite uncle came into the picture and rescued her.

This afternoon, we have a delicious tea break c/o April’s Bakery.

Hello yummy pies!

The different flavor of pies that’s being delivered over.

The different flavors that they have. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a flavor that you like from the list.

They are available on Food Panda or you may call 81227604 for booking. They do delivery too so you can call and enquire more.

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