Impromptu decision to take a short getaway but I think it’s much needed, especially in the midst of all the crazy schedule at work and my personal life.

We happened to have a pair of free ferry ticket to Batam, bigman hasn’t been there before and my last visit was 7 years ago?

I checked out the resort and honestly, I felt it wasn’t worth the price. Ended up we decided to stay in Best Western Hotel, recommended by a friend.

Comfy outfit for the Ferry ride to #Batam.

#dayretravel #mandytravellog

Brought #Iuiga luggage along. I’m quite surprise that we managed to squeeze everything into one luggage.

Onboard ferry.

Goodbye SG!

After getting our SIM card, first agenda was to eat A&W. I wish that they can bring this back to SG.

I love their curly fries too, Long John used to sell them too but I think A&W has the best curly fries.

Their fried chicken which tasted quite good too, at least it’s better than our KFC.

This luggage is so manageable. We pulled it around with us as we shop around the shopping mall since it’s still quite early for us to check in.

We didn’t know that Mega Mall Batam Center & Ferry Terminal don’t allow Grab/Uber to fetch passengers. Ended up, we had to pull this luggage along the road side with us until we found a private hire to our hotel.

We stayed at Best Western Premier Panbil and it was the right choice. Gotten ourselves a junior suite and we didn’t regret paying extra for it.

The door is the entrance and look at how spacious the walk way is.

The living room which has a sofa & tea table.

There’s a desk where I used it to put my makeup and there’s also a mini dinning room.

Our king size bed with awesome view. The bed felt so comfortable that we refused to get up the next day morning.

And the view you get outside!! I think I can wake up to this view every day.

First thing that we did was to check out the infinity pool at level 2 which gave a splendid view.

Wearing this sunshine top c/o #Hollyhoque and jeans from #Uniqlo. A lot of you have enquired or emailed me about the bag, it’s from airfrov which I’ve shared in my previous post.

Another photo of this outfit.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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It started drizzling and we can’t hang out at the pool. It was time for massage! Thank God for Eska massage in the hotel.

Love the beautiful setting of the spa room.

There’s spa facility in the room too, the next time when we are back, we will definitely sign the spa couple package too.


Feeling fresh from the massage!!

I tried the Healing Stone massage(RP230,000) while bigman tried Deep Tissue massage(RP190,000). We wanted to go for longer massage session but we couldn’t decide if we wanted to head out or stay in hotel. If I knew it’ll keep raining, I’ll definitely go for the 2 hours massage instead.

There’s spa facility in the room too, the next time when we are back, we will definitely sign the spa couple package too.

Suite came with complimentary breakfast, high tea and cocktail session. So we washed up and head up to the 15th floor for high tea.

Wearing #faythlabel here!

Some traditional cakes for high tea.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

Tea with the best view of the scene and bigman!

Can you see the beautiful background? I really love the view that we get from this hotel.

Took an OOTD at the lobby too, love the Sunray!

Changed and slacked before heading back to the pool to catch the beautiful sunset.

We decided to stay in the hotel and enjoy the Seafood BBQ dinner under the stars at the pool side.

The dinner commerce at 6.30pm so we went back to slack in the room. I was so bored and hungry so I decided to tie up my hair for our dinner date.

They have this BBQ on the spot and I love the fresh prawn, crispy BBQ chicken and other food.,

And the best dish of the night goes to Spicy Fried rice. The rice was cooked on the spot and it tasted super delicious.

Our fresh prawn!

I’m not someone who eats squid but this tasted quite good that I snatched some from bigman.

When the curtain opens in the morning.

And look at this heavenly view! I think I can lie in bed to admire this view the entire day.

Changed into a casual wear and worn #hollyhoque out with me for breakfast.

I was spoilt for choice at the breakfast buffet place.

The usual bread station.

Look at the waffle making machine!!

There are a lot of stations like this where they allow you to make ramen, prata with curry, mee Soto and a lot more.

Decided to go back to the pool side and take some photos before it gets too hot to stay outdoor.

I miss this beautiful view!!

Wearing another #faythlabel here again!

Uber/Grab don’t dare to fetch us because of the “ruling” at Ferry Terminal. So we had to book the hotel transport and paid SGD11 back to the mall.

They have a very big Time Zone at Mega Mall and there’s this very nice carousel too! Snapped a photo with it.

We went around and saw this restaurant that has a beautiful lunch view and it was quite crowded. I guess the theory of eating at a crowded place will never go wrong.

The avocado juice and chendol tasted fantastic, very similar to those that I’ve drank in Jarkata. And the best part, they cost less than SGD2 each only!!

Our ayam penyat which tasted very good! The chicken is very flavorful and the chilli is so spicy. I was expecting a bigger portion but for SGD3, I think it’s good enough!

Gado gado which tasted very normal.

The satay sauce was good, we were quite disappointed when they first serve this because it wasn’t sizzling at all. But the sauce made up for it even thou the satay was served cold.

Lunch view!!

And that marks the end of our 2D1N trip. It was a short but good getaway.

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