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Entertainer App 2018

Being a foodie, I found myself looking for good deal and good food. When I was introduced to Entertainer App a year ago, I was thrilled because it has both what I wanted, GOOD FOOD and GOOD DEAL.

Attended the launch party at Cin Cin where we were introduced to the enhanced features for 2018. This makes me look forward to 2018 where I can enjoy more good food at a good deal.

At the launch party, they unveiled some significant enhancements to their offers. With over 1,700 offers for restaurants, bars, attractions, leisure activities, hotels, spas and much more, Entertainer App 2018 delivers over S$176,000 in savings for users across Singapore. You’ll be thrill to know that some of my personal favorites are on the list as well.


Fat cow is no stranger to beef lover and I’m sure we will enjoy our meal even more with the offer from Entertainer App.


Fancy a dessert after a proper meal? Fret not, you can find Churro101 at a few malls and the best part, enjoy discount and sweetness with Entertainer App.

Jamie’s Italian

When I’m suffering a withdrawal syndrome from Europe Holiday, this will be a place to go and now with this app, there’s more reason for me to head back.

And the list can go on and on and on.

For a limited time, customers can get S$170 off the regular price of the 2018 products. Plus early bird purchases include Cheers Singapore and Bali for FREE, that’s such a great deal right? Cheers Singapore 2017 offers hundreds of Buy One get One Free offers for some of the best restaurants and upmarket bars including Nutmeg & Clove, Aria Roofttop and many more. Create your own Happy Hour with it. And new for 2018, Bali 2018 features offers to use when traveling to Bali. For those of you who are planning your holiday plans, you know which is a good location to head to and what app to use too.

So head over to App Store or Google Play store to purchase yours new!!

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