Find myself going back to #MDScollections again. I have to their recent designs are really nice!

Another checkered dress and I love how the neck line is not too low for me. Material is very light and comfortable too. Managed to bag it home at 30%, I won’t pay $49.90 for a basic dress.

Update: I went back to MDS yesterday with a friend and got it at 30% off. Going to wear it for a church wedding this Sunday.

This floral romper is at 30% off too. This is lined so it’s not sheer at all. I really love the comfy-ness of it and the cutting.

It was my first visit to #Lovebonito flagship store. I love how spacious the new store is and how they place the clothing according to the collection.

Stepping foot into the pink room that I’ve been seeing on IG.

The queue at the fitting room was so long. Tried on this vest and can’t decide if I like it enough to bag it home.

The color of this vest is very unique and as usual for LB, the material is very comfortable and good. I’m not sure if I’ll wear if often enough for me to bag this home.

Should I?

Been a while since I head down to #Hollyhoque too and I’m very excited to try on some clothing.

Joy babydoll cropped Top in Sunshine.

When I put this on, it felt as thou I’m putting sunshine on because the top is in such a bright and cheerful color.

This top comes in free size and it’s very light weigh and comfy too. Definitely a fuss free top on days when you don’t know what to wear. Top is not lined but it’s not sheer at all.

Iggy bow top.

Another fuss free top, I love how HH came up with a lot of fuss free, chic and comfortable dress for their new collections.

Instead of having a plain band, the self-tie ribbon at the shoulder area added details and spices up the top.

This is available in dust pink and blue too!

Sherri Flatter sleeves top in sky.

I love the different layers of this top and this pinstripe design will never go out of style. They added the ruffles at the shoulder band to spice up the whole design and I love it when there’s details like this.

Another fuss free dress which is suitable for work as well as for the casual weekend. And it comes in blue & red too.

Xylda ruffles babydoll blouse in blue.

With the raining season & freezing air con in office, I appreciate long sleeves top like this. Instead of doing just a straight sleeve, HH added a slight bell sleeve to make the outfit more chic. The ruffles at the collar added a touch of feminine to this top too.

Definitely something to consider for work or the year end holidays!! This is available in yellow, green & white.

Even thou Singapore does not have winter, the raining season towards the end of the year now calls for knit wear to be in season.

I’ve worn knit wear that feels super uncomfortable and ended up, it causes my sensitive skin to react and break out into redness and rash. The knit wear series by HH, they are very comfortable and fuss free to wear. They added a slight bell sleeve to spice up the sleeves too. And the v neck cutting is not too low but just nice to reveal a little of the neck area.

Capella Off Shoulder top in sunshine!

This top is a love at first sight and I guess you girls should know how I’ll never have enough of off shoulder tops. This is one that I can’t miss bagging home especially when it’s in such a nice shade of sunshine.

It’s very comfortable and I think it makes a great holiday top. I’m bringing it for my short getaway next week and it’ll be a perfect top to wear.

Willa basic knit midi dress in grey.

A dress like this is a classic piece that I felt everyone should have. Unlike the usual thick(and heavy) material, this knit is in a very comfortable yet able to keep me warm

Keth Floral maxi dress in black.

This floral dress is another love at first sight. I love the floral prints and the cutting is very flattering too. This dress is lined so it’s not sheer at all. The neck line isn’t low at all too.

This is available in navy too!

Bethia Layering Dress.

I love the comfy and cutting of this dress but a pity it’s a little too short for me. Dress is lined and the cutting makes it prefect to be worn on its own or being layered.

There black and green available too!

I’ve shared about the #Iuiga tea party that I’ve attended a while ago!

I’ve teamed up with the people at iuiga to give away a facial cleanser on my IG, do head over to learn how you can win it!

I’m very excited to try this out because it’s my first time using a facial cleansing device. I’ve been wanting to try cleansing device but they tend to be pricey and I’ve read a lot about how people with sensitive skin experience breakouts.

#dayrebeauty #dayreskincare

It comes with the device and the charging cable. I’ve not charge it yet after using it for almost a week. I love it that the battery is long lasting and I don’t need to keep charge it.

This is the charging port for you to charge the device.

When you on it, the portion at the bottom will lit up.

You can adjust the strength of the vibration using the UP and DOWN button!

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