Good morning!

Last week, I attended the grand opening of the DBS branch located at Plaza Sing and it happened to be the launch of DBS Multiplier too.

I’m very happy to walk into a bank filled with rabbit soft toys and that’s the animal that they are using for the launch.

I’m very impressed with the modern technology that DBS is introducing and I believe with all these introduction, it’ll elevate our banking experience.

First up, let me introduced this very adorable new friend to you.

Say hello to this Little friend👋🏻.

This little friend is in operation for 24 hours which means even if the bank is closed, you are able to get some help through him.

Look at how adorable this little friend looks like. He’s usually at rest. You can pat his head to wake him up. He’ll start off by asking you some questions before directing you to Video Teller Machine or some other places. I think this is a very useful banking technology. Some of the enquiries or issues that we have, we might be able to solve it with automated bank teller such as this and it’ll save a lot of our time from the long queue.

In the past, if you need help with some basic banking services such as balance enquiry, update particulars, ibanking token enquiry or even card services, you’ll need to take time out during office hour or join the long queue during weekends to solve them.

With the introduction of Video Teller Machine, you are able to complete the services on your own without the need to queue or squeeze out time during working hours.

Introducing the new Video Teller Machine. There are a total of 6-8 machines available island wide and DBS is looking to increase the number of machines.

With a simple few steps, you are able to replace your damaged/lost bank card or even I-banking device. Imagine how much time and hassle you can save!

These are the services available and I think it’s quite comprehensive.

You may activate the service using either your IC or bank card.

If you happen to have non of the above, it’s alright because they have a very cool verification method which I’ll share later on.

The waiting time between each step or each screen takes about 3-5 seconds and this means that you’ll be able to finish a service within a short 3 minutes.

I decided to try to replace an ibank device!

After you have selected the option to replace your token, you’ll need to choose what is the reason for this replacement.

After you have selected the reason, there will be a new ibank device being dispensed out of the machine.

Choose to activate your device right at the spot!

There will be a step by step guide of how to do so!

Step Two.

Within a short 2 minutes, you have now replace your ibank device instead of having to wait for the bank to mail it to you or join the queue in the bank to have it replaced!

Remembered that I mention earlier, if you didn’t bring any card with you? You can activate the video bank teller service.

He’ll ask you some questions to verify your details before allowing you to proceed with the transaction.

Or at any time if you require help while using the machine, you can activate this service and someone will be there to help.

The next launch: #TwentyXThirty

It’s the launch of their new content website: https://www.twentyxthirty.com

You can subscribe and get monthly exclusive updates. They will be sharing tips such as

Moving out of your parents’ home? Find out which housing option is right for you:

Here’s how much you’ll save if you Grab to work instead of getting a car:

Personally, I find the website very useful and the tips that they provided are very practical tips which everyone can apply in our daily life.

Lastly, it’s the launch of DBS Multiplier 🐰!

What’s this Multiplier about?

It’s the easier way to multiply your money. No minimum salary credit, no minimum credit card spend and you can get up to 3.5% p.a.

I believe there’s a lot of such account around but for DBS Multiplier, you are able to add to the multiplier effect when you credit your salary and transact in 1 or more of the following categories: credit card spend, home loan instalment, insurance and investments. Higher transaction amounts help to increase your interest rate.

This is to cater to the financial aspirations of young adults in Singapore. Under other schemes, there might be a minimum requirement to fulfill before you are able to get the bonus interest. But with DBS multiplier, you do not have to worry about those requirements.

Personally, I feel it’s a good account for those who have just graduated and wants to maximize your money.

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