I received the email notification on new arrival and this dress caught my attention. I love this loose fitting and the big pockets. The material feels very comfortable to wear on. And it’s a fuss free dress for days when you don’t know what to wear or feel fat. Wearing XS here and I bag it home.

There’s black, grey and olive available too!

I’ve spotted this pair of culottes in mustard but put it back to the shelf, the color is too bright for work.

Then I saw this pair of blush one hanging at another corner of the shop. Grabbed and gave it a try. I love the cutting of this pair and the structured material which makes it very flare. The pocket is deep enough for my iPhone 8plus too.

There’s a belt that comes with it, I prefer to wear it on its own without the belt. And yes, I bagged this home with me and I’m wearing it today!

Sitting on the fence for this dress.

The waist area is quite snug for S but the off shoulder part is very very loose. I think this is a design that a few blog shops are selling too.

Worn my floral #Theeditorsmarket romper out. And finally carried out my new bag from #Shopunveiled


Worn this dress out too, so comfortable!

Couldn’t wait and worn the dress for service the next day. I really love how fuss free this dress is.

I’ll be collecting my #Taobao stuff tonight and doing a review.

I’m giving away $50 #ezbuy vouchers on my IG(same handle as my Dayre), head over to find out how you can win!

I brought bigman to Stuttgart Black Forest boutique S-cafe. They took part in restaurant week and due to this promotion, we had to wait for 10 minutes before we got a seat.

I ordered my usual prawn linguine which tasted like the previous time, I’m not disappointed at all and even bigman said that this tasted good.

But this pork knuckle, it tasted so fantastic, flavorful, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, it makes the linguine taste pale in comparison.

I’m not a pork lover but I was snatching this from bigman. We were happy to discover a place in SG that serves such nice pork knuckles like those that we had in Germany.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

We had a tiramisu because bigman ordered the set. I’m not a dessert lover so I don’t have much comment about this.

It looks like we have found a new favorite place to hang out and date at.



This dress looks exactly like the stock photo and thank God, the sleeves ain’t too long for me.



Another babydoll plain black dress that’s slightly short on me. Dress is not lined but it’s not sheer at all. I think I’ll keep this for days when I have no mood to wear anything too complicated.

This is a little oversized and I wasn’t expecting S to be so loose. Going to layer this with a plain long sleeve top.

It didn’t turn out to be the design that I expected it to be. But still, I think I might want to wear it out once??



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