I’m off to work at unearthly hour again. I’m quite happy that this will be one of my last 7.30am classes for 2017.

Are you loving your spouse the “wrong way”?

I’m not an expert in marriage but I’ve heard females complain about how their spouses are not loving them the way they wanted.

To be honest, when it comes to love, there isn’t a right or wrong way. On Friday night, the wives in the cell group gathered for dinner and the topic of the night was actually love tank and 5 love languages.

On the dinner table, we have those that are married for at least 10 Years all the way to some who are married for less than 2 Years.

It’s very interesting to hear different sharing on our marriages and how some of us has that phrase of managing different expectations and how we are loving each other the “wrong way”. It could cause a stress to marriages when we love each other the wrong way!

The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is very helpful for marriage and I think it’s important for couples to know their love languages and their spouse love languages. When you know what is your spouse love language, it’ll be easier for you to fill up his/her love tank.

5 Love Languages:
– Quality Time
– Words of Affirmation
– Receiving Gifts
– Acts of Service
– Physical Touch

You may do the test here: http://www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/

Why it’s important to learn about each other’s love language.

My love language is Quality time. When bigman takes time out of his busy schedule to spend quality time with me, it makes me feel very very love. After every quality time session, I’ll feel that my love tank is filled up by him and I’m ready to conquer the new week even if he’ll be super busy at work.

If he doesn’t understand my love language and all he does was to get me gifts, it might not work and I might get frustrated with him.

I’m not saying that I won’t feel happy receiving gifts. If you share the same love language as me, you’ll understand how spending quality time is more MEANINGFUL than receiving gifts from him.

Another example that was shared on the dinner table was that the spouse’s Love language is words of affirmation but the wife didn’t realized it.

She begins to be very critical and in a way it strain their marriage because the husband felt that she don’t love him. I think she tried other ways of loving him but it didn’t really resolve the conflicts or issues in the marriage.

It was when she realized his love language, started loving him with words of affirmation and stop the criticism, their marriage improved.

Disappointment comes when there’s a misalign of expectation and many times, this expectation could be from the way we desire to be love.


Do give the test a try and find out what actions will fill up each other’s tank. You can search online for what actions to take or avoid for each love language and I think it’s quite useful.

Dropped by Showcase to try on #Fashmob clothing. I’m happy to find this dress available on the rack. Wearing S here and it’s quite snug for me. It’s made of chiffon, not something that I fancy or appreciate but the cutting of this dress is not bad.

Tried this eyelet dress too because it’s very suitable for work & I needed a lot more work clothing!

Material is very thick and stiff for this dress which keeps it very structure. There isn’t any S size left so I took M to try. It fits with allowance but I think it’s quite oversized for me at the waist area. Will prefer something that’s more fitting at waist area.

I’m not sure if I’m willing to part with $40ish for this because I have quite a few similar design!

I was working on Saturday morning and I worn my #TheStageWalk out!! Paired it with #Theclosetlover top and I’m glad I bought them in all the colors available. If I needed an inner wear to pair, it’ll be them!

Changed into #TheEditorsMarket dress after work for my mil birthday celebration. I love this dress so much and even bigman thinks that this is a good buy. The front pocket is deep enough for me to put my iPhone8plus so that’s like double yayness.


#LoveBonito just launched!
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On Sunday, I dug out this #Hollyhoque dress to wear for church. As much as I love to shop, I love to rewear my favorite clothings too.,

Been a while since we #wefie!

I went back and bought this dress at 30% and I couldn’t wait for other occasion to wear it so I worn it out for a date with bigman during the afternoon.

Not my usual style but I quite like the design and cutting of this #MDSCollections dress.

Dropped by #Theeditorsmarket and I’m surprised to find the last piece for this floral romper that has so many raving online.

Decided to try it on even thou I have a lot of similar design. Love the cutting of this and its weekend friendly.

Too tried to think so I bagged this home with me.

Tried the nude version and I don’t really like it. Think the black one brings out the prints and it’s nicer.

Remember this basic maxi dress? I went home thinking about it and decided I should not wait for the new home to bring it back.

It’s a weekend relax dress and when I get pregnant in future, it’ll be a dress that I can wear! What an excuse right?

I bagged this dress home too!!

Tried on this mustard shift dress that looks very work friendly. I don’t really like the cut in portion of the arm area, this is the kind of cut in which will amplifies the arm and makes it looks fat.

Saw this very nice overall too! Material is quite thick and I love the cutting. The only reason why I’m not getting it is because of the opening at the side. If I were to get this, it’ll be as a work wear but with the opening at the side, I don’t think I can wear it for work.

Exactly 10 months ago at the streets of London. How I miss Europe and the Christmas vibe.

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