It has been a month since we have collected our keys.

We have met with 4 IDs out of which we have shortlisted 3. I’ve been very busy with work and other stuff and it has come to a point I’m not making any decision for the house.

I’m thankful for bigman, he’s doing all the research, looking through the quotations and eventually taking over the communication with the IDs.

And we have decided that he should be the one choosing which ID he wants to work with.

Tonight, we will be heading down to a showroom for the first time and I’m pretty excited about it. After looking at so many photos of what I wanted, it’s time to touch and feel the actual items. I hope I won’t have a hard time choosing the right shade of items that I wanted.

By this Sunday, we will be finalizing an ID and we can start work in November!!

I guess there’s no way we can shift in by Christmas and I don’t want to add on any additional stress for myself by setting such a tight dateline.

Love the bokeh effect of the 8plus camera!!

Been a long while since I step into #MDSCollection!

I’ve been seeing this mermaid cutting midi dress on IG. The material is good, I love the thickness and weight of it. The cutting is good and very flattering. The pleats at the hem of the dress added a touch to this basic dress. Wearing M for this because I can’t find any S available in the store and it’s slightly loose for me.

Black is the safe option! Wearing S here and it fits nicely without any allowance. I think LBD will never go wrong but I’m not sure if I’m willing to pay $52.90 for this. I don’t see high mileage for this dress except maybe for the wedding dinner?

This floral maxi caught my attention too. I’m not a floral print person but the prints on this dress looks really good. The only downside of this dress is that it’s the cutting is too low for me & I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear this for a colleague’s wedding dinner!

The trip to the showroom will not be happening because this ID is too irresponsible in our opinion.

During our first meet up, he was late for 30mins and he didn’t inform us at all until bigman texted him 15mins after our supposed meeting time. There wasn’t a proper reason given too.

He was supposed to send us the quotation by Tuesday morning but delayed till now. And you know what? He cancelled our appointment 15 minutes ago and there’s still no sight of the quote!!

We decided not to consider him anymore. I can’t imagine passing my house to someone like this.


It’s so hard for me to choose who to go with and I don’t think I want to make the decision. This is our first house and I guess we are prepared to learn on house renovation.

Feeling so upset that the trip to the showroom is not happening!

Dropped by #Thestagewalk since I’m in Bishan. I love basic and this dress is so comfortable. Even thou the design is in horizontal stripe, the cutting of this dress will make you look slim!

I really love this dress but it’s too short for work and I already have a lot of non-work clothing for the weekend.

This dress caught my attention! The material feels very comfortable and light and yes, it’s lined so you don’t have to worry about it being sheer. The cutting is very nice and the bottom of the dress is flowy when you walk. Considering if I should get this dress!!

After dinner, we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. Someone carries 2 big Pizza onboard train and I had a sudden craving for it after smelling it for 6 stops!!

The new Cheesy 7 extreme is such a disappointment. I would expect the puff to be savory and stuffed with cheese but it turns out to be very sweet. The puff has a thick layer of flour and in it was a small sausage with a little cheese.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

The Hut platter tasted better than I expected. And look at the photo effect by my 8plus, can’t stop wowing at my new phone!!

Open up my #IUIGA stuff to use!

Can you believe that 200 baby cotton buds cost $1.80 only? It’s cheaper than those in Daiso!! And look at the beautiful packaging that it comes with. I’m beginning to fall in love with IUIGA’s stuff, can’t wait for the house to be done and I can start stocking up those beautiful kitchenware.

Instead of plastic, the stick is made with bamboo. Can’t believe the quality is so good for such a low price.

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