Work starts at unearthly hour today!

I’m not complaining much about it because I get to do what I love and totally enjoy it. I count it my blessing because not everyone gets to work in the industry that they wanted.

Physically I’m very tire but emotionally, I feel very satisfied and happy. I used to head to bed at 10am for the first 3 months of my new job. As I got more familiar and less stress with it, my bed time has been pushed back and I’m even out with my friends till wee hours at times!!

Shall attempt to sleep early if I have morning classes!

About a month ago, I’ve Dayred about the newly launch iPhone 8plus & iphone X?

I don’t have the intention to change my phone yet because my iPhone 7 rose gold is less than a year old and big man paid for the phone without a contract. I can’t bear to let go of it without utilizing it fully and make it worth its “value”.

But I guess the plus camera has been very attractive to me. I know of friends and even bloggers who used it to take photos and the effect is pretty good.

During an event, I’ve used iPhone 7plus to help Cindy take some photos and the photos turned out to be very nice! And it seems that photos taken with the plus version is so much better than iphone7!

But still, I didn’t mention anything much to bigman because I’m worried he will go ahead and book an iPhone 8 plus for me and my iPhone 7 will be underutilize.

Then he came back with a surprise last night!

Hello new phone!!

I’m trying to get use to this large screen!!

How the gold looks like!!

I’m trying to get use to the screen that is so much bigger. One thing for sure is that I enjoy the battery lifespan and camera a lot!

Bigman is out for his company function so its home alone for me tonight.

Had 4fingers for dinner. I’ve been eating very unhealthy recently!! Can’t wait to choose our ID and get our house done up and we can start cooking and preparing healthy food.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefatties

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