It seems so tough to complete what I wanted to update in a post in a day! I've been so absorb at work especially when I'm doing planning or teaching.

Let's see if I'm able to complete this post.

Attended #IUIGA tea party on Saturday! I miss the media launch previously so I'm quite glad that I'm able to attend their tea party.

The whole setup of the tea party is so pretty. There are desserts, flowers and IUIGA's cutlery for us to enjoy while we get to understand the brand and their philosophy more.

The theme was white tea party so I worn this #Lovebonito top!

Pretending to be interviewed by them!

Some items that were being introduced to us.

The brushes at the background are going to be launch soon and they feel so soft when I tried them on my hands. I'm going to cart them when they are available online.

The "Foreo" look alike device is retailing at $23.90 on their website. I've tried it on and the texture of the cleanser felt good too. I'm using a milk cleanser now and it doesn't require me to use the cleanser, if not I might get one to try.

Take a closer look at the beautiful plates and cups. They added sliver lining at the side of the plates and cups to make these white cutleries more elegant and beautiful.

I think I'm very tempted to get a seat for our new house!!

Enjoying my tea!

Before the tea party, I was out with a close friend for brunch. The weather was too hot and I worn this outfit out to make the weather more bearable.

We went to Stuttgart Black-forest cafe! I've walked pass this place a few times but the place is always empty. Decided to just give it a try and it turns out to be better than I expected it to be.

Nutcracker at every corner of the cafe.

Tried their recommended sparkling juices and it tasted really good. I want to stock up Engel's sparkling juices at home!!

I had the Alio Olio Prawn Linguine and it tasted so good. The flavour is very strong and I love the garlic taste too! The only problem with this dish is that the serving is too small.

I ended up ordering their truffle fries and it's very good too. To be honest, I didn't expect the food at this place is good.

The place is quite empty for a Saturday brunch timing. I foresee myself visiting this place more often!

We went for a DIY graduation photoshoot and brought along my graduation bear.

Little Z looks so adorable and he ran to me and tell me that bear bear wants to take photo.

My Baby A is all grown up now!!

In our normal state where I'll be groofying around with them, Z looking lost and acting blur while A will be the studious good boy. Love my boys so much.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Forced to take a shoot like this!!

With Bigman!!

With my favourite boys!!

I love my family so much, nothing and no one has the ability to replace them.


Moved on to Rabbit hole and it was too hot. The boys hid in the car while we came out to quickly snap some photos.




Our last spot!

I love this beautiful woman here.

KOR KOR and His wife!!


Dropped by #TheTinselRack and this gingham style dress caught my attention. This dress is lined and there's pockets too. The buttons at the front are functional but there's a hidden zip at the back too.

Wanted to bring this home but I decided not to because I'm not going to wear this that often and it's too short for work too.

I have an upcoming wedding so it's time to look for a new long dress. Tried this from LB since many girls carried it so well.

Wearing S here and it fits with slight allowance. I quite like the feel of this dress but the sleeve part is a little too cut in.

Should I get this??

Tried on this Kaitlyn Colourblock Pleat Panel Top with Patrice Cuffed Pants, both in S.

I love the top but couldn't decide if I like it enough to bag it home. Ended up when I decided that it'll make a good work top and that I should cart it, it's OOS online 😱.

For the pants, I don't think I can carry the cutting well. It makes me look very heavy and fat.

Bigman asked me to dance and I gave him this pose!!

I think I'm regretting that when I was young, momma tried to send me for dance lesson but she ended up getting a daughter that cries non stop at the class. Ended up, she gave up on me after 4 lessons. Let's pray that my daughter will not use the same tactic on me!!

More decent one!

Worn this #Fashmob out too since I'm heading to my in-law place after service.

We have a new bunny at home. I'm so excited that we spent an hour playing with it and letting it roam around the house.

Hello Sparky. He’s a 2 month old bunny that my sil adopted.

Training the bunny how to jump because he's a little too overweight!! It was so fun playing with him and I'm missing him!!

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