Wearing #HerVelvetDoll romper for #WatsonsTrend2017 hosted by #Watsons.

We were hosted with glamping tents at Hort Park where each tent has a theme. My favourite has to be the Christmas Wonderland where we got to preview the upcoming Christmas set. To be honest, I'm blown away by this year's Christmas set.

Look at the beautiful packaging of this set of body lotion/cream. You'll be surprised that this luxe packaging cost less than $20 & the quality is good too.

Another of my favourite set and you can tell I love the oriental packaging a lot. This set has the oriental packaging on the products itself.

This is how a glamping tent looks like. The setting of each tent is very comfortable and I felt so tempted to lie on the bed and sleep.

I think Santorini glamping tent caught the attention of many too because of this teeth whitening set.

Testimony from one of the staff and I can't wait to try it.

Over the weekend, we went for a 2D1N staycation in Legoland!

What I worn for the day. The initial plan was to spend half the day in the theme park, the other half in waterpark.

After we arrived, we were informed that the kids area of the waterpark is closed for maintainence. We had a change of plan and decided to spend a full day at the theme park instead.

Welcome to Legoland!

We ain't allow to check in yet at 9.30am unless we are willing to pay RM300(which we ain't). So we did all the paper work and head out for breakfast.

There is a small mall located about 5 minutes away from Legoland and we spotted this spot. Quickly snapped a photo before we head over to grab food.

We forgot to take photo of our breakfast but I have to specially mention the nuggets from Burger King! It was so good till we ordered 5 boxes. Imagine 4 adults and 1 kid finishing up 50 nuggets in 45 minutes when we have our own burger set too.

Our precious darling!!

From the moment we boarded the car at 7am, she was all grinning and smiling. We have told her about her birthday trip 2 months ago because we wanted her to choose the theme for the room.

This blur mini Twinnie first station for Legoland was this car ride that she looked so lost and blur in. She hardly made a round around the race course and her expression was too epic that we kept laughing till we forgot to take photos.

For the month of October, LEGOLAND celebrates Halloween so there are many Halloween related legos around the park. We were given a challenge to collect 5 stamps from different theme to win a trick or treat goodie bag!

Little mini Twinnie preparing for her boat ride with my Twinnie. We thought that she is a little too young to take rides alone so we decided to go for the boat ride but apparently her momma's not very good at driving boat too!! We had a fun time laughing over the ride.

With my Bigman on boat. Hello Bub, why are you not looking into the camera??

Stopped by the castle to take a photo. Legoland is so different from Disneyland or USS. This is my 2nd time here and there still not much crowd.

We met Darry Vader too!!

When you try to take a proper photo but your bestie's husband decided that her daughter needs to photobomb me!!

The Star Wars exhibition in Legoland felt so complete to me. In each segment, they prepared Legos that are interactive and I have to say, it's very impressive.

We left the place at 5ish after mini Twinnie has woken up from her beauty afternoon nap. I guess half a day is more than sufficient for Legoland itself. I'll definitely be back again to visit the waterpark and I hope it'll be ready for us to conquer it.

Checked in and I'm in love with legoland hotel! We are staying in Kingdom room and the whole level of where we are staying at is filled with Kingdom design.

This is how the door looks like! There's a button at the torch where you can choose to on or off the light. The little one was very impressed with the design too since she was the one who chose this theme.


The room is divided into 2 parts.

The inner room came with a king size bed with simple flag as design.

The outer room comes with a bunk bed that can sleep 3 person.

The hotel is very considerate to put a television in each room and I think this is a good idea.

The toilet is very big and it comes with an adult washing area and a kid washing area.

They placed some lego decorations on the wall too. I love this crown beside our vanity mirror!!

Upon entering the room, we saw this quiz paper. You'll need to do some work around the room before you get the code to open the safe.

Inside the safe is 3 sets of small lego for us to bring home. Mini twinnie was having fun opening the safe after we have crack the code. She believed that someone prepared gifts for her birthday in the room!!

Every lift in Legoland has a different wall paper.

The moment you scan your room card, dancing queen and the disco light will be activated and we had so much fun taking lift!!

There are many lego play areas around the room to keep the children occupied. While we washed up and changed into a set of fresh clothing, this little girl was busy exploring all the different play area.

Worn something casual for our zichar dinner but regretted it immediately. I pasted like 3-4 insect repellent patches but it's useless. I ended up with at least 10 bites and because my skin is sensitive to mosquito juice, it'll always swell. Bigman was so frustrated that we forgot to bring the spray version of it and he kept repeating that we will need to bring and I'll need to spray it.

It's been 4 days since the bites and the swells are still there. We gave up using the new non-steroid cream.

And I'm back to using my prescribed steroid cream and viola, the swell went down immediately.

Anybody has any cream(that's non-steroid) to recommend for skin allergies please let me know. I've used steroid cream since I was a baby till now due to eczema and allergies but I really want to stop using them.

Dinner at Star Chef.

I love the Sambal chilli that is made by them. They fried crayfish with their delicious chilli and it tasted good. It's not too dry and there's still a lot of sauce left.

The salted egg butter crab was so delicious and I know why everybody recommend this dish. The taste is very strong and flavourful. Only downside is that they tried the crab before cooking them with sauce and it caused the crab meat to be stuck to the shell.

A very unique way to cook and present black pepper crab. The sauce is good but like the salted egg butter crab, the meat is stuck to the meat because they fried it before cooking it with the sauce.

#dayrefoodie #dayrefattie

Overall we enjoyed the food at a super cheap price BUT there's too many housefly and mosquito. Please prepared to fight the mosquito.

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