This has been a busy but fulfilling week!!

Went to #Teppei to celebrate a close friend's birthday and enjoyed the omakase so much.


I love the unique appetizer served by #Teppei. The balloon is actually filled with tofu and you have to burst it to eat the tofu in it.

I don't dare to burst the balloon so Jas helped me with it.

Second dish was 7 different sashimi served. The fatty tuna tasted really good and every piece of the sashimi tasted so fresh.

Egg in an egg! There's a hidden ingredient in this Chawanmushi that I can't tell.

This is a hand roll of minced fatty tuna with some crispy garlic. I'm not a tuna person but I love their fatty tuna a lot.?

Freshness from the sea. I love the big juicy oyster.,

Cooked fish which I totally don't enjoy!

#LoveBonito just launched!
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In between they served ginkgo nut and baby yam. Both tasted quite bland but it helps to clear our taste bud from the intensive eating.?

Hokkaido scallop! I'm not a scallop person but I decided to give it a try since Jas said it's very juicy and sweet. Didn't regret trying because it's so delicious.,

Another cooked fish dish which I didn't touch.

Our wagyu beef which the chef places it in a heart shape design for us to take photos.

Hello moo moo. Enjoyed every single bite of this with the fried shallot.

Hot soba was served. The noodles tasted a little too soft for my liking but I love the soup.

Beef fried rice! I was too full to finish up the rice but i definitely finished off all the beef.,

They will surprise customers who are celebrating their birthday with a "sashimi" cake. Last year when we were there to celebrate jie's birthday, the sashimi cake seems to be much better.

So many pieces of freshness!!

With my forever plus one, happy birthday to you. Love you deep deep, I hope you enjoyed the experience.

With my momma at my convocation.

11 years ago, I was that rebellious kid who got into NTU but decided I don't like the course and gave up further studying. She was angry and disappointed with me. Fast forward to today, I hope you'll feel proud of me.

Psychology and sociology ain't the easiest degree to do but I'm glad I survived the 4 years.

Thankful for the support of Bigman too.

He's so accommodating to my crazy schedule during school days. And he'll puts with all my nonsenses because I'm too tired and went all cranky. He makes it a point to try and rush down from work to accompany me for a short dinner before sitting somewhere to wait for class to end. During exam period, he will study for 8-10hours. Thanks for staying up till wee hours to accompany me as I rush through my assignments.

Without him, this journey seems impossible.

What are the chances that one of your good friend actually represented our faculty to sing? Thanks for fighting this journey with me!

Thanks wifey for coming down too, love you so much. Thanks for taking leave to attend my convocation.

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