Attended the launch of the new mask series by #DrMorita. I've been using their snail mask and I love the result of it.

The event was held in SprMarket and bar located at 41 Robertson quay. The place is very beautifully done up and I'll want to head back to hang out there in the cosy ambience.


The mask series by Dr Morita, the black mask series.

I'll be back for this Brussel Sprout which consist of grilled corn, pomegranate and mayo. I love this dish a lot and I hope this can be found in their normal menu.

Attended a wedding lunch on Saturday. Kept this #Lovebonito dress for this wedding.

We wanted to head home from MBS but the train was super slow and the frequency was like 7-10 minutes per train. We decided to head to town instead and thank God we made that decision if not we will be caught in the train break down.

First stop was #Thetinselrack. I couldn't resist trying on this adorable Pineapple set. I'm wearing S for the top and M for bottom. This set is lined and the chiffon-alike materials make it very comfortable too.

Tried this Eyelet romper in this sweet color too but the rise is slightly short for me. The romper is lined and the material is very soft too. This makes a great casual wear but I've too many casual clothing!

Next stop was Love Bonito!

My purpose of dropping by was to try on this Prospera Jogger pants. S fits me well but the cutting amplifies on my hip and makes it look huge.

Tried on this Kiana oversized T-shirt dress too. Wearing S here and it's very oversized like how it should be. It feels slightly knitted and the material is definitely good for this dress, it's not the cotton soft kind of t-shirt dress.

Did a polling on my IG story and most people voted for Don't buy. Thanks for helping me to decide!!

Tried on Eora Gathered Tie Front Dress in S and it fits well. I love the look and cutting of this dress. I think the Tie front look is very unique and it helps to create a waistline and slimming effect too.

Im thinking of carting this but this dress is definitely not work friendly. Nowadays when I shop, I'm on a lookout for more work friendly clothing. I realized that I have a lot of non work friendly clothing and I kept telling Bigman I don't have enough work clothing 😭.

#LoveBonito just launched!
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Took Avika Printed Sash Jumpsuit to try too. S is a little snug at PTP for me but it fits well overall. The sash for this is attached to the jumpsuit and this means you can't wear it without the sash. Due to my short torso, it's not easy to find jumpsuit which fits me well. Deciding if I should cart this out too but I'm not sure if I'll wear it often enough.

My only purchase from my shopping, a coat from #Zara. Fell in love with it when I saw it. It's prefect for this rainy weather in SG now!

My Sephora loots are here!!

My essentials.


I wanted to do a mini review/write up about the products that I've been using but I missed Bigman too much.

As much as we enjoy our me-time or time with our friends, we still look forward to each other when it's time to be home. I guess there's nothing much I can complain when it's due to work. He's working hard and I know he's working so hard so that he can provide a better life for me even thou I didn't expect or wanted more from him.

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